We Are Not Stuck To One Genre

I think it’s been a common thing for the world of  literature to see, authors should only write the genre they took up. Meaning the moment you publish that first romance, sci-fi, thriller, comedy , or whatever. You are stuck to it, and if you try to write something else, you are going to be met with a full force of bashing by readers and critics. Thus Author go to the grand lengths of using pseudonyms, this is a way to cover who they really are… meaning JESSE ABUNDIS turns to JIM PEARL, author of erotica!!!

But does it really have to be that way? I know I refuse to do so, I’ve always had the notion of, you take it as is. Authors are just like actors, we might play a different role, at the end are real name is slapped on the credits. But it seems a lot of people in the literature world still can’t get over that fact. And to me they really need to grow up, if your author wants to change from thriller to erotica, let them be, you don’t have to read it, but be mindful that an author is a person thinking of new ideas.

I know I’ve written psycho thrillers, comedy rants, poetry and people are still behind me. Cause I never, and I MEAN NEVER plan to run under a different flag, if I’m going to write it, it’s going to be under my name, believe that!

Take for instants Harry Potter author JK Rowling, she wrote The Casual Vacancy  which is more for adults, thus leaving her roots as YA author behind, well the book was received with mixed reviews. So what does JK do next, she uses’ a pseudonyms and releases her next novel a crime thriller The Cuckoo’s Calling The book sells well and is a hit with critics, BUT WAIT, the press finds out later that it’s JK ROWLING and the book is selling like crazy. Now people are praising her. WHICH SHOWS, some readers and critics are douche bags. They might be saying only good things now, but had she released it under JK Rowling before, they would have bashed it. Meaning it doesn’t matter how good the book is, it’s all on what people remember you for.  And also puts a sad note for authors, the book only sold 1,500 units before the truth was brought to light, meaning you can be a good writer but it don’t mean shit if you’re not big.

Needless to say, there’s a lot of growing up in the world of literature! I think an artist should be able to do what they please, without the need to hide. After all, we only do have one life in this world. That’s just me, what do you think?


2 thoughts on “We Are Not Stuck To One Genre

  1. I plan to publish under a pseudonym because I think I have a clumsy-sounding name. However, I plan to use that same pseudonym for everything — literary, mystery, mainstream, women-oriented, new adult, or whatever — I publish. I want to be known for doing many different things very well, not pigeon-holded into doing only one thing not particularly well out of boredom.

    • I hear you Debby. It’s something no author should be forced to do. I wanna be able to write sci-fi one day, erotica the next…though I don’t write erotica, but some of novels scenes do get nasty xD lol thank you for sharing your two cents my friend. 🙂

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