Superman and Batman coming together…THERE IS A GOD!!!!!



Comic fans have all remember the rumor of a BATMAN vs SUPERMAN show down back in 2002, which was set to be directed by Wolfgang Peterson, we even saw the Batman and Superman logo behind the I AM LEGEND movie. Everyone has been wanting to see this two giants square off..and now we have it.


If you haven’t seen MAN OF STEEL, then don’t read this article, I mean it, stop right now!


In the end of MAN OF STEEL, Metropolis is in ruins, Superman kills Zod, cause let’s face it, Zod really didn’t give him an option, he either kills him or lets that family get roasted. Superman is tormented by the fact he had to take a life,  he was mentally crippled by that. In the end, he runs off to be just Clark Kent working at the Daily Planet with Lois Lane.


Now in the second part, we get to see the after effect of it all. The world is still uneasy of this Superman, with his God like powers. He destroyed a city after fighting it out with one of his owns. People are going to ask questions, people are going to wonder, can we trust this man? Who better to get to the bottom of this than THE DARK KNIGHT himself.


And you know Batman is not going to be his buddy. If you read the comics, these guys aren’t on the best terms. Superman is more of fighting for truth and justice, Batman is more of a kick your ass by means necessary, FUCK THE LAW AND THE OTHER SUPERHEROES. Batman isn’t all warm and friendly, he doesn’t trust other superheroes. This is a man who built a satellite in space to spy on other heroes, SPOILER! The same one Zod busted in the movie. So Batman’s been watching the others, he’s going to go after the Man Of Steel, he’s watched him fight, he’s studied him, and FYI  Bruce Wayne owns the Daily Planet. That’s going to be on interesting coffee break when Batman comes down the hall. Bruce Wayne knows who he’s taking on, I think this will be more of a test to see if Superman can be trusted.


Now will it just focus on Batman and Superman, NO. This is Superman movie, and you got to have a superman villain. So, enters the other easter egg in MAN OF STEEL, Lex Luthor. I hope to God they cast Bryan Cranston for the role, he would own it. My best guess, Lex will pin these two giants against each other, and I even think Bruce might be on good terms with Lex, they both helped rebuild the city Superman left destroyed, they both have the fear of this God like creature in their world. I can even see a Joker thrown in there for some reason, kinda of that devil tempting for Superman to cross that line to end his life, BUT, that may be way too soon for it.


In my mind, I saw Man Of Steel II, playing off that the moment I left the theaters on the first film. Lex wouldn’t be the same money grubbing man in the old films. He’s going to be a man fearful of knowing that there are bigger sharks out there lurking in space. Now it seems he and Bruce will be sharing in that same phobia, Lex motives might the undertone of racism, kill what ain’t human, where Batman might be “ I don’t care if he’s alien or human, if he’s a threat to mankind I’ll have a way to deal with it. HARVEY DENT, CAN WE TRUST HIM?” Going to miss my old Batman 😥


Halfway through the film I can see Batman finally noticing Superman is not a threat. But having Lex Luthor almost try to kill them both off, thus to bring in a second villian, perhaps Brianic? Whose helping aid Luthor to help him wipeout the Man of Steel.



This film is a build to the Justice League, but of course if it pans out, we’ll being seeing a Flash movie, then Justice League! The nerd inside me is busting to see this happen, will be a hit, will it flop? I have faith in Goyer, and I hope they call Nolan up to help aid them in the storytelling. But perhaps the biggest question of all, is WHO IS THE BATMAN??? We shall see very soon.


Weigh in on your thoughts below!


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