What’s coming 2013 and 2014?

Let me start off by saying, the JESSENOVELS site will be getting a new look starting this  Aug 6.  new design, new look.

As for projects, what’s going, what’s happening?  Well don’t worry, cause I got a lot of news.

2013 Releases


Is my free neo-noir novel that I’m releasing in small chunks to you guys. You’ll see chapters fly in and fly out from here on weekly basis. I’ll be uploading the polish drafts to Amazon.com and Lulu  ASAP.


Release: November 1st

My 2nd book of poetry is coming out this year. It’s a different tone from YEARS OF REFUSAL, it goes in the direction of life, broken hearts, love, random thoughts, to the world problems still lurking above us. If anything Maladjusted is a book of self discovery in life.

This book will be released with a cleaned out YEARS OF REFUSAL as well. So you’re buying two books for the low price of 99 cents, but just to make things great. You’ll be getting two days free download the day it comes out!  🙂  You’re welcome.


Release: December 6th

This is a film that I’m working on with a few friends. We’ll be shooting summer of 2014, but I wanna treat you guys to the screenplay. You can download and find out about the film, and the funds would also help us with the funds we need.



Is was a my prize which got pushed back. I swear to you, it is coming out 2014, with teasers hitting on October 2013.

So that’s what I have going on for you guys. I hope you stay tune and keep checking the site daily.


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