Years Of Refusal Ranking No.2 In Canada and Europe

This past days I set YEARS OF REFSUAL as a freedownload on amazon, this book went free not only hear in the US but Canada, UK, Europe and even Japan. My goal was just to put it out there and give my first book of poetry a second breath of air to do it justice, and the results,  16 Downloads in the US, 6 in Canada , 12 in Europe,  2 UK.  Not bad. But what really blew me away was the ranking I held in my cateorgry, American Poetry in the US #7, Poetry & Arts  in Canada #2,  Poetry in Europe #2 , Poetry & arts in the UK #78. Came in low in the UK, BUT WHO FUCKING CARES, PEOPLE DOWNLOADED MY BOOK! 😀 now my head to head  rankings with all time books on the free promo, I was around 9,600 in the US,  Canada  2,125, Europe 1,245, UK 17,456. Some people might say, well, it’s not the top 100!  Again, WHO FUCKING CARES!!!!!!!!! Out of the all the books out there, I ranked pretty good. In the end of the day, what matters is that I put it out there and it did well in it’s showing.

I’m really riding the high of it. I’ll still carry it with me for a while.  And my second book of poetry is set to come out Novemeber 1st, a free teaser coming out a week from now. That book is Maladjusted 🙂 So life is good, I’m loving the moment, I ALSO sold 3 copies after the free promo day ended. So, YEARS OF REFUSAL ranked 88, 365, this after being number 1,365,278… Yeah, it’s not number one, again WHO FUCKING CARES!!! 😀  right now it’s at 293,198 slight drop, but still happy as heck. 🙂


If you guys happen to want to own the book here’s the link 


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