Josh Brolin as Batman?

Josh Brolin as Batman?

Josh Brolin as Batman?

Well news around the comic world busted out big time, as WB listed the people they will be trying out for Batman.  That list is

Josh Brolin,  Ryan Gosling (32), Joe Manganiello (36), The Hobbit star Richard Armitage (41), Matthew Goode (35), and Pacific Rim actor Max Martini. Here’s the link at to read more about the rumor and many other names dropped as well

Now, out of the names thrown in, I do like two. I think Gosling has a good shot of giving us a good batman, just alone in his acting chops. But the name that stands out for me on this list is JOSH BROLIN. If you’ve seen Brolin work, you know this man can act. Word around the comic world is that they’re aiming for an older Batman, meaning they do plan to feed off FRANK MILLER’S ” THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS ”


Which is an amazing book in itself. And if our Dark Knight is going to be older and darker, I can only see Brolin pull it off. The man has that dark feel to him and he can own a role. He is Batman from THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS. This isn’t a young Bruce whose learning the ropes, this Batman, has fought his demons and lost many on his journey, he’s faced off against worst evil out there in the world. He’s a Batman whose going to break the Man of Steel in half, just to see if this man can be broken.

I can see Brolin deliver the line that was said at comic-con ” I want you to remember Clark, in all the years to come, in all most private moments, I want you remember my hand on your throat, I want you to remember the one man that beat you.” Tell me you wouldn’t want to see that.


In a way, I am kinda ticked off at DC and WB. They’re planning on skipping Batman’s origin, meaning there won’t be any solo movies for the Dark Knight, maybe until Justice League and rises the question, how long will Brolin, if he is cast, be willing to play the role? There’s a lot to be answered that for sure.

Even though I wanted to see a batman solo movie after this, I can see the reason for it as well. Nolan gave us the Batman film everyone wanted. For WB to try to reboot that amazing storyline, would be an uphill battle. Thus the minds of many are still locked into Batman’s past and who he fought, so setting Batman in this film won’t be that hard, cause you kinda assume, what happened in Nolan trilogy, already happened to this new ” but not really new” Batman.

I for man am rooting for Brolin to nail this part. But, we should be getting the face behind the mask asap, as they plan to shoot early 2014.

Alright guys, time for you to weigh in, who do you think should play Batman, what’s your thoughts on they’re planning to do.


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