Bang Bang Blame Chapter 6








“ You get lost somewhere out there?” Julian is snapping her fingers at me, we’ve walked a good two blocks from the coffee shop and I stopped in the middle of a puddle, that was created by the hose of someone cleaning the sidewalks. I hate when this happens, I lose myself in the past. Not through thought, but  I can feel myself be pulled back to that moment, I can feel the air around me, I can smell everything, I can put myself back in my shoes as before, relive it step by step. It always happens in the wrong time though, It never happens when I want it to be. Fucking flashbacks.


“ You said a block.” That was the deal after all. “ We’re two blocks off.”


“ Well, you were all quiet and I thought I’d tag along for one more.” She flashes the sad puppy dog look, hoping we’ll this some wizard of Oz road trip, I’m no fucking scared lion, lacking courage. “ Come on, just one more block.” She has her freedom, and she doesn’t know what to do with it. She’s wrapped herself in abuse, that’s all she knows.


“ Where I’m going, what I plan to do, is somewhere you don’t belong.”


“ How do you know that, what makes you so sure?” She’s latched on to me. She thinks she loves me, but she doesn’t. I just saved her, set things right, that’s all.


“ Cause I know.” How I know. “ Julian, there’s nothing left. You free to live your life, no one is going to harm you.” Two black vans pop out of nowhere. Julian face panics the moment she see’s them. They turn on the headlights, blinding my vision. I can hear Julian mumbling “ Oh God, they found me.” I want to ask the who, but that’s answered the moment the doors slide open. Tattooed Mexican’s come out with baseball bats, my best guess friends of Ortiz, the same homies he said would have fun Julian. “ Can I help you gentlemen.” Politeness always help aid this type of situation.



“ You with this bitch.” One of the short members ask, he has to be about five-four. He’s not a carrying weapon.


“ She’s a friend of mine.” I smile nice and wide, I mean you no harm, that’s what you always have to project with hostile people.


“ I need you to come with us.” I count around fourteen in total. Not a wise move to start throwing punches.


“ I didn’t do anything!” Julian shouts at him. An older woman appears from the corner of the group, she’s slaps Julian at the back of her head. Dealing her own punishment on her.


“ You think we care you stupid hole, don’t ever speak!” This woman looks like a painted clown with drawn on eyebrows. She’s not shy in letting her fist do the talking, I want to step in, but any move on my part will set things off. Cooler heads need to prevail.


“ Get this guy in the car.” Three of his friends swarm on me, they shove me into one of the vans, with Julian going into another. The clown like woman is still slapping her around.


“ You guys mind me asking what the problem is?” They look at me like I’m speaking in a different language. Better be safe than sorry. “ cual es el problema aqui?”


“ We know English gringo.” The small one chuckles, he seems to be the leader of this group.


“ Where are you taking us?”


“ Where going to see abuelita.”  I guess where off to Grandma’s house. Fuck me, I’m not looking forward to this trip. There’s always a big bad wolf on the way.

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