OMG, who wants to see what I’m eating today. Just one second, let me upload it to Instagram

FUCK MY LIFE!!!– Can you see it?

Let’s go to Mars, let’s solve world hunger, let’s cure cancer. FUCK IT, Let’s just post photos of random shit ūüėÄ I don’t know how we managed to live without Instagram, The world needs to see the wine glass you drink your sorrow away,¬† or that photo of you and your cats, or that actor you wish was your husband but never will be,you know I’m liking that train wreck¬†– CAUSE YOUR PAIN BRINGS ME JOY – LIKE

INSTAGRAM¬†is a¬†thing of beauty, I’m all for spamming of what I ate today. There’s got¬†to be starving children with internet access out there YOLO. Food to Instrgram, is what porn is to google, you type food and you’re getting a full-blown shoot of all kind of things. just like when you type ” Wet pussy ” on google, something good is coming out, or maybe something scary, that’s how the internet rolls. BELIEVE ME! T_T

INSTAGRAM is awesome, now everyone thinks they’re an artist. Look I took a photo of this muffin that’s half eaten, while the sun hits from the back. Look, I took a photo of my friend, he’s bending over, it’s in black and¬†white, it makes it look more artistic.

Got to say, Instagram… FUCK YOU!!!!

Are you kidding me! Claiming you’re an artist, is like me claiming to be a¬†juggler, cause I can toss a¬† ball, singular, in the air and not drop it. BUT NOW WE HAVE¬† A FULL BLOWN OUTBREAK of douchey¬†photos 24/7, it’s all food, black and white photos of a chair. I CAN TAKE A BLACK AND WHITE PHOTO OF A CAT TAKING A CRAP, IS THAT ARTISTIC FOR YOU!!!?

This is like being forced to set down and see your aunts old poloroid photos, we all begged for the earth to end at that moment. BUT NOW WE HAVE IT ALL OVER THE INTERNET, FUCK ME!

Instagram, you didn’t manage to change the world. You just gave it another headache to indure.

Instagram, you can’t put this on a photo.
FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!


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