Maladjusted Teaser , Out Novemebr 1st

maladjusted cover

THE BOOK IS OUT NOVEMEMBER 1st  but here’s a teaser off the book.




Everything you say and do

Your love is a lure

Your words are like honey

One simple taste

And I’ll die from you

If that doesn’t get me

Then it’ll be the crazy shit you make me do

A wink

A smile

A kiss

This is what gets you through life

A wonderful flower

Covered in crazy

Covered in hate

Covered in sadness

Covered in tears

You run wild through this world

You run without a care

You run knowing if you stop you’d be left to see the shattered side of you

So you play

So you destroy

So you make me walk a mile on my knees

You send me into wonderland

You give me joy

You give me love

But in the end

Everyone is the same

We leave wonderland in a fit of rage



It’s not that she walked away

Her world just got smaller

Nothing ever changed

It’s not

That she quit

It’s not that she turned away

It’s not that she was mad

She just needed to break

She just needed to see

Now she knows

She just wants to be somewhere

She just wants to be

Free to be her

Free to live

Free to breathe

She just wants to be somewhere

She just wants to be


( Specs Of Hope And Love )

We are just specs in the shadow

We are just specs of a hopeful thought

We are just doing are best to make it through tomorrow

We are just finding someone to love

It’s not the answer

It’s not the fix

But we are dying of being alone

We just want to hurt

With someone that see’s our pain

That loves all the same

Too long we’ve drifted in the sea

Too long we’ve clogged our minds

With thoughts of suicide

Now it’s time to reach

Find another

Whose lost just like me

Together loving

Together keeping the other in place

Holding the other hands

As we see the tsunami coming into place

We don’t know what will happened

We don’t know what will be

I can’t help this smile on my face

Tomorrow will come

Tomorrow will go

But I can die happy

Knowing I have you by my side


( 12 Steps )

The day is dawning

Are skin is crawling

You’re digging your nails into me

Hoping these bad dreams have an end

As I’m in you

Doubling our bodies

Becoming a couple

Both escaping the truth

Escaping the day that dawns over the shadow

We are pressed

So we come undress

Something to free you

Something that I need

Something to take this pain way

Something to send those nightmares away

Nightmares that never seem to die

No matter what we do

No matter what we take

They always seem to have a place

They always seem to have a place called home

We’ll fall deeper into this

We’ll see how much we can numb

Until we hit the edge

And restart the steps


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