Sept. 5 , 2013

Want to give my good buddy Cynthia a shoutout for her awesomeness and can’t wait to see her next film. Please follow her blog 🙂

My So Called Blog

Good Evening blog watchers. So today my bones were lazy. Im supposing that may be why there big , you know, my bones. Well momma always said I had them. I did work out with my girl Leslie Sansone. Two miles to be exact. I did eat 8 oreo double stuffs before that but they were calling to me , then I answered , ate , hung up.

I did start out my morning calling all the folks I need to get permits and permissions to film in Colorado Springs, Co. I may even be able to visit my cousin whom I haven’t seen since she was a teenager. She is now an awesome Pin Up artist among other things.

We are attending a Film Expo this weekend so I worked on new business cards , reservations, side adventure plans and laundry because clean undies are a must.

I spoke…

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