Recently I was on twitter, just checking out the feed. When I stumbled upon one author having a war of words with some people. This is author shall remain nameless, but needless to say after what I read, he went way too far.

The argument started with him criticizing a book, describing it as ” Rape ” now his opinion is his own, and we’ve used that term to describe something before in our life time. But one Tweet was taken back by it, a female user who was  a victim of such a crime. She told the Author that was strong word to use. Now, I’m not about censorship, he said it, so be it, no need to make a fuss about it. But the Author took it to a whole new level, when he started to not to stand up for his right, but verbally attack the user, by calling her a uneducated fool who had her head up her ass. Of course the user stood up for herself, and instead of the Author just walking away, takes it on his own hands to make light and even poke fun at her for being a rape victim.


The Author went on to attack those who stood up for the girl. The author called them feminist with the urge to censor his right to speak. Now to me, at this point, the Author is just making an ass out of himself and trying to cover his tracks. I did speak out to the Author telling him to just stop, this was his petty way of fighting, He did not listen, he continued, he even told the four users he would sue them for slander.


This author, this person has lost all respect from me. How low will you sink just to get your way, which he did not.  This fight, makes him look small and petty, he was comfortable in mocking people who were victims of rape, just so he could feel accomplished, well he did accomplish something, showing the world his true face. He’s now erased all his past tweets of the event, after stating so hard he would sue anyone who got in his way, more talk from a small man who can only when a fight when he can poke fun at a rape victim just for his own amusement.

I would say boycott him, and mention his name and drag him to the mud. But I know very well, life will repay him back in kind, and I hope he remembers what he spoke on that day, and it shattered his soul.  And I never want to hear someone say they’re an educated mind, when they sink so low, your just a fool pretending to look educated.

My gripe is not with the word he used, it’s the people he attacked and the horrors they went through.I hope this author learns to grow up and apologize for the attack he did on the people he insulted.

That’s my take on this


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