We past a house filled with old Christmas lights, I know this place. We hang a right, we past a broken apartment building that’s blaring music so loud, I know this place all to well. We hang a left, and how I know this place so well. Back to the scene of the crime.

Ortiz garage is locked up, but his grandma’s house is a bustling scene. Her fence backyard, that is right near the alley is bubbling with a party. The van pulls outside the drive way, they open the door forcefully and re-frame from being hospitable as they pull me out of the van, they even get their free shots of shoves on the way up the stairs to Abuelita’s house.

The other van carrying Julian is parked near the back alley. It arrived here three minutes ahead of me. “ What’s the bitch to you?” The short one jabs me with his hand to my gut. “ She suck your dick?” He laughs like he’s a goddamn comedian.

“ I was just buying her coffee.” Dumb and confused is the way to go.

The front door opens and the clown is standing there. She’s eying me from head to toe, she wants to throw a punch at me, I feel it, but she’s only strong when the animal is kept behind the cage. “ This the fucker.” She spits at me. I’ll remember to pay her  back in kind.

The entire house is riddle with Mexican culture. Mayan headdress, coins from the homeland , small little dolls, even photos of what seem to be a young Ortiz with his family standing somewhere near Mexico City, even a Mexican flag hung above the living room, Abuelita is proud of heritage and of the times before. I tip my hat off to her.

I’m hauled to the dinner table where an elderly woman with long white hair is smoking like a chimney, she has a black dress on, with a red rose clip on her left side of her chest. This must be Abuelita, thought  the obvious man. “ Get in there!” The small one shoves me into the chair inches near Abuelita, he returns with the other outside the doorway, mad dogging me. I turn to see Abuelita, her skin is tan and damaged, no doubt of the sun. Her hands even tell the story of a hardworking woman…. or a killer?

“ Hello..” Abuelita blows smoke in my face. The short one, the clown and two others laugh. “ hola.” Better safe than sorry.

“ Callate gringo.” Shut up cracker. Abueltia says to me.

The clown takes this as a sign to smack me at the back of the head. “ You best shut up, fool!”

“ Calmarse “ She tells the Clown to calm down.

“ I still don’t know why I’m here.”  My act just brings a smile to abueltia face. She’s not buying my bullshit. I worked so hard to sell it. Dang.

“ Yo te vi.” She saw me. “ No te hagas el tonto.” don’t play the fool she tells me. She knows it was me who killed her grandson. She didn’t go to the cops, instead she called her grandson buddies to settle this, but somehow I think Abuelita didn’t work in the fields, the way the people stand upright in her presences, the way the clown jerked back the moment she order her to stand down. Abuelita is a dangerous old shark. Those damaged hands are of woman whose had her share of blood. How interesting.

“ Dejalo ir.” Let it go, I tell her. “ se acabo. Mas sangre no va a arreglar las cosas.” It’s over, more blood  won’t fix things.

She takes another puff and blows into the air. “ No para usted ,” Not for you, she chuckles. “ para mi,  viendote morir, me trage alegria.” For me, watching you die, would bring me joy. Abuelita isn’t going to let this go. No matter how much of an abusive monster her grandson was.

“ Cuanto?” How much I ask her.

“ que?” What? She’s confused at my response.

“ Stop!” I can hear Julian shouting in the back, the party I saw was meant for her. For me they have much bloodier plans.

“ Su concha esta gritando.” Your cunt is screaming. She flashes her yellow teeth, knowing the screams of Julian are tearing into me. She thinks she’s my lover, but when fact those screams are bringing moments of the past, ones I rather not relive now. “ Llorar por ella.” Cry for her. She’s taunting me, enjoying the look in my face. But I can take that away.

“ Su nieto era idiota.” I show myself to her, by hitting it where it hurts. “ Le di una oportunidad.” She’s breathing heavy with rage as I tell her that her grandson was an idiot, an idiot I gave a chance to walk away. “ El no lo tomo. Asi que yo lo mate.”  He threw it in my face, so I killed him. “ grito como una perra.” He screamed like a bitch, I say to her. That smile that was on her face, is gone, she’s on the verge of wanting to cave my head in.

“ hijo de puta lo mataste, por esa puta marde.” Translation : You mother fucker, you killed him, for that whore. “ el era todo para mi.” He was everything to me.

“ Who found him.” Abuelita just takes a large puff of her cigarette. “ That answers my question.”

The clown tosses the bloody screw driver on the table as I admit the truth. “  Lo veo en tus ojos “

The small one is coming up behind me quick, he wrap his forearm around my throat.“ What do you see in my eyes?” I ask as he tighten his grip.

“ murte es su mejor amigo.” Death is my best friend. I can hear Julian screaming for help, the people around her are laughing, cheering for blood. And the wolves are surrounding me, ready to end my life. “ I’m not scare of you” She forces her English out.

“ You should be.” I grab the short one’s arm and sink my teeth into it, he screams as I tear the flesh out of his arm, Abueltia and I both eye the screwdriver as I have my bite locked in like a pitbull, I release the moment we both aim for the weapon. I grab it faster than anyone in the room can react, for her age Abuelita still had some speed in her, she  came so close to it, her palm just smacks on the table. The next second I impale the screwdriver into her  palm. She screams bloody murder the moment it makes contact.

I turn my head around, spit blood into the eyes of the short one, might as well give him something to do, as I grab the antique plate in front of me and break it in half,  I use it to slice the short one’s throat, the plate is nice and sharp it cuts without fail, they just don’t make plates like this anymore.

One of his friends jumps over the table to tackle me, I  use momentum to toss him against the wall, the spill alone will take him a few seconds to recover. The clown runs to Abuelita trying to pull the screwdriver out of her, that thing is lodge in tight, she’ll be there for awhile.

The second attacker is ready to go twelve rounds with me. “ I’m going to fuck you up.” He’s got boxer written all over. If I had the time I would play around, but I don’t, the shiny fork on the table catches my eye. “ What you scared!”  Why use my first when I have a fork. He jabs, I take the fork and stab into his wrist. “ What the fuck?!” His eyes are in tears over the blood the gushed out of him, he can’t believe I used a fork as a weapon. Just enough time to strike at his windpipe. The other one is getting back up, I lean down grab his neck and snap it, he was a big milk drinker, bones always snap nicely when they take so much calcium.

“ Oh my god.” The clown is trying her hardest to pull the screwdriver out of Abuelita, she wants a weapon to defend herself.

I hover over them. And gently push the clown aside. “ Let me help you.” Abueltia is huffing and puffing as I wrap my fingers around the screwdriver. “ May I.” The clown nods her head. Abuelita is cursing me to hell. “ Go to your happy place.” I tell Abuelita, better safe than sorry. “ Ir a su  lugar feliz.” I hope I said that right. Oh well. One violent yank and the screwdriver comes out. Abueltia is grabbing her palm in pain. “ Now I believe you wanted this.” I ask the clown.

“ Ya.” She nods her head. Like I said before, she’s strong and tough when the animal is locked behind the cage, the moment it’s set free she craps her pants.

“ You can have it.” I strike the screwdriver at the base of skull. Her body jerks around, her mouth moves at fast pace, she’s trying to throw up any last words that were running through her head before the steel made contact with her brain, it’s kinda funny to watch, but after a few seconds the show is over and she falls to the floor.

“ You dead gringo.” Abuelita is screaming at me. But how is this my fault?

“ All you had to do was let things go, but you couldn’t. Now look what happened.”

“ Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you.” Abueltia spits at me.

“ I can’t really stay here and chat, I have someone to save.” I pat her head.

“ We find you, we kill you.” She means it with all her soul.

“ I don’t like being threaten.” I grab her neck and give it one nice snap. If she see’s me in the afterlife, I’ll buy her the first drink.

The moment I gently rest her body on the table, there’s something on her wrist that catches my eye. It’s a tattoo, three S’s, Is that what I think it means. “ mother fucker” No time to dwell, Julian is still out there.

The music is blaring loud all you can hear is the joyful chants of the people, the moment you walk into the back yard, you see a group of seven men with their  erect penis out, all of the them jerking as hard as they can, as they watch the scare look in Julian eyes, her pants are pulled down, her wrist tied together, the other just chant and have their cellphones to record the whole event.

They never see me, but she does, her eyes are in tears. “ I’m here.” I mutter to her quietly. Two of the muscles guarding the event have their back to me, with their weapons tucked behind their pants, idiots copying trend. They don’t deserve to live. I grab their guns, put the cold steel behind their skull, they both pause thinking it’s a joke, they’ll never know what happens. A second later their heads explode outward as the bullet punches through their skull, everyone at the party freezes. The gang that’s about to rape Julian hold their penis tightly in fear. All eyes are on me.

“ Hola.” better safe than sorry. “ Number 5.” I smile at the men grasping their dicks.

“ What do you mean by that?” Number 5 speaks, right before I shoot his dick clean off. Everyone screams as they see his manhood lying on the floor next to him. “ WHY!” He topples to the floor crying.

Panic is the key to everything. The first thing to cross their mind “ RUN” And run they do, not before  bullets are raining down on them, the gang of rapist are the first one to go down, some are running but they never make it to freedom, the filmmakers jump the fence and leave with only soggy pants. I keep blasting away until the chambers run empty. In the end, the story is ten dead. Not a bad haul if I say so myself. I could have done better.

“ My dick, oh God, you shot my dick off!” Number five is screaming to the heavens. Something in his voice is pissing me off. “ Why, what did I do?” I walk over to him and stomp my foot into his skull, each time harder than the rest, all I want is for this fucker to stay quiet, I want him to know how it feels to be in pain, I want him to feel how my foot is cracking into his skull, I want death to be as painful as it can be.

“ STOP!” Julian voice snaps me out of the craze. My foot is knee deep into his skull. How many times did I cave my foot into him, ten, twelve? “ Stop for the love of God.” Her voice shakes with fear.

“ Are you ok?” I ask her with a smile. She just nods her head. “ Good. We need to get out of here.”

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