” Crazy Ponies ” By: Skinny

This is a story written, by ex-gang member Skinny. Whose facing life in prison. His goal is to write children stories and give helpful advice to the world. Please enjoy.


This is a story written by ex gang member Skinny.

This is a story written by ex gang member Skinny.





So like, there was thes three ponies, fool. One of them was name Graso, Jesus, and a crazy vato Curly, fool. They like, all hang beside the rainbow, and smoke weed, fool. It was good shit, they bought from this black pony, who worked near the river with the trolls.

So, they be shooting the breeze, cause they didn’t have a job, fool. They talk about the girl ponies, and how they’d like to ( CENSORED ) You know what I mean, fool. So one day Graso, said to Jesus, ” Like why don’t we kick it at your old lady pad.”

Jesus was like ” Na, Fool, she don’t want like it when we kick it when she’s not around.”

So Garso be like ” Well, fuck tell the bitch to come over, fool.”

And Jesus was like ” Na, dick.”

Curly was like quiet, and you know when a vato like that is quiet, is all bad fool. So Curly was like ” Hey let’s go to the bank.”

Garso was confused, he knew Curly didn’t have a bank account, fool never had a check to his name. ” You rolling in it?”

Curly was just laughing. ” Yeah, fool.”

So the Ponies run to the bank, before they walk in, like Curly gives them mask. Graso and Jesus be tripping, like fool why we need mask? But they didn’t want to Curly shit, comes last fool who gave Curly, shit, he cut of their pony junk. Fool, it’s funny, like the fool has to pee like a lady. Anyway, back to the story.

So Curly goes in hot, and starts blasting the Pony Bank, there’s blood everywhere, Graso is crapping, Jesus is running, everyone pointing at them saying ” IS THEM FOOLS, THEY ROBBING THE BANK”

Curly can’t go to the slammer, he got three strikes, so fool he shoots it out with the cop and uses Graso like a sheild. Fool, it was crazy.

Curly is facing life in Pony Jail.

So like the moral of the story, fool, is like, don’t hang out with the quiet vatos, fool.


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