You never know where the world will take you, one day you can be a simple man just working, trying to make it through life, paying your bills, paying your rent, hope you have enough to eat, pray you never get sick. Just grasping onto life by the edge of the cliff. People think if you fall off the cliff, the world ends, but it doesn’t, the world doesn’t end, it continues on, your soul is never damaged, it’s thrown into a new light, do you embrace this change, embrace this new world or do you give up and stay in darkness.


With me, I fell over the cliff, but my soul was long gone before that. “ You fucking killed them without blinking.” Julian’s first words in a long time, we’re a good two miles off. Waiting on the corner of a bus stop. My shoes are all bloody, so are my pants. “ How?”


“ They were going to rape you.” I remind her.


“ You kill easily.” She’s lost in a daze. She’s never seen people killed in front of her eyes.


“ I don’t really dwell on death, I just let it be.” Now time for some questions. “ Ortiz grandmother, she had a tattoo on her, three S’s.



“ Are you a serial killer?” She shaking with fear.


“ Three S’s.” I’m trying to keep her focused in my questions. “ What do they mean?”


“ South Side Sinners.” That’s what I thought.


“ What was Ortiz going to be?”


“ What?” Her mind is drifting to the image of me stomping into the guys skull, I know that.


“ What was Ortiz position going to be, did he have one?”

“ His grandma was going to make him in charge of the family business soon. That’s what he always used to tell me.”


“ Shit, killing her may have been a huge mistake.”


“ You killed her?!” She’s startled by that fact.


“ Cut the shit!” I yell at her. “ I’m getting sick of tired of your attitude, I save you, twice. And you’re upset in how I killed them, after they planned to rape the living shit out of you?”


“ I’m sorry,” She takes a deep breath. “ I’m not used to seeing that.”



“ I wish you would of told me who Ortiz was.”


She shoves me in anger. “ Why, so you could of walked away from me.” She comes at me again. “ So you would  of let him live”


I grab her arms and pin her close to my body to calm her down. “ No, I still would of done it.”


“ Liar.” She’s hissing with rage.


“ No, I’m not. I would of killed him, but I would of made sure we would be out of their reach before they came looking.”


“ What do we do now?” Her body goes limp in my arms.


Her clothes are dirty, her jeans are torn apart, her nose is a little bloody. I have to get her cleaned up. We can’t afford to be walking the streets like this. “ We’re going to see a friend of mine. See if he can help.”


“ You have friends?” She chuckles.


“ Fuck you.” I smile back at her.


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