The Perfect Woman teaser #1


27 Years Ago…

“ Question is simple, why’d you want to be a cop?” It was Brian Klekco first drive around his hometown as a Boston P.D officer, . The moment they left the station, his eyes were focused on the unknown, looking into the dark streets, alley ways, house windows on the drive by, seeing if anything caught his attention, while his partner an old vet of thirty-six years Eddie Flasks flapped his gums. “ Is it because you want the uniform to empress some of the local girls, is it because you want to hold a gun, or do you just want to crack a niggers head in?”

Klecko turned to face the gray breaded man with a glance of confusion. “ I just want to do some good.” “ Good, you sure you know what that means, son?” The old man chuckled.

“ It’s doing what’s right, putting the bad guys away for a long time and keeping the innocent protected.”

Flasks chuckled once more. “ Still green.”

“ You have a problem with how I see things?” Klecko asked angrily.

“ Easy, cupcake.” Flask shook his head. “ It’s not your fault, your mind is still stuck in gear one, is all I’m saying.”

“ Gear one?” Klecko rolled his eyes at Flask.

“ Gear one,” Flask reiterated. “ that’s how we all start, but with time you began to move up, soon, Good and bad, all start to look the same.”

“ Maybe you should get your head check.” Klecko muttered.

“ So why’d you join the force?” Flask asked once more.

“ To do some good.” Klecko said to him.

“ I think that’s a lie.” Flask chuckled. “ So, I’ll ask you again, why’d you join the force?”


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