Erotica Fail ” HOT NIGHT ” By: Jesse Abundis

It was hot, but not too hot, like you didn’t need the AC, but the fan would do. Kelly was entertaining a good sexy friend, his name was Billy Gunn, an author with a lazy eye, but a keen eye for writing romance novels. Kelly was a fan of his, she read all his books like ” What Do You Mean It’s Over, Holes O My, Lets Just Be Sex Buddies ,” and the sequel to that book ” What Do You Mean You’re Late.”

Kelly loved how each book explored the flesh and private areas. And tonight that she had him all alone, she couldn’t past a chance to sleep with this God of words, this God sex, this God of stuff…

So Kelly seduce him slowly, first she fed him like a momma bird, it was strange, but yet erotica, then she did her sexual dance, which drove Billy to the point of orgasm, the man kind, then she drew him a photo of their love

This is the picture

> O  0:

get it?

Before soon, Kelly had massive lady wood, she couldn’t help it anymore, she screamed to the heavens ” Do me now, Billy, I don’t want to be forty-two year old virgin who pays people to touch her.”

Billy the sexual God said ” what do I do?”

Kelly said ” Dip your pen into my ink!”

So Billy did. Only to have Kelly say ” No, I meant your penis.”

Once Billy found out what when where, he committed suicide the next day after, leaving a note pin to his body

” No one told me sex would be scary.”

Kelly was left waiting for Billy to call her the next day, she still waiting to this day, beside her ten cats.



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