Batman vs Superman Shooting at ELAC

BATMAN vs Superman

BATMAN vs Superman

Well, it caught us out of the blue. Batman Vs Superman will be shooting at my local community college East Los Angeles College during their football home game this Saturday. It’s suppose to be a 20 min take of Gotham U vs Metropolis  U. The ELAC stadium will be used as Gotham Stadium. But seeing how this is just some simple shots, notthing too fancy, I’m willing to believe this scene will be used as a narrative of how people are getting back on track after the events of the first movie. Whose not to say up in the boxes are Bruce Wayne and Lex Luthor, discussing how life has changed since Superman has come around, the fear they’re living under.

One of my sources on the franchise told me six month before the release of the film that Synder was already working on the script. So this shot at ELAC might have been planned a long time ago, it looks like WB and DC are trying to keep the fanboys guessing. It’s pretty cool that they’re shooting so close of where I live, but at the same time I have my fears of them not shooting somewhere better, like USC or UCLA. But then again, they’re aiming for a simple pickup shot. So that should tell you that ELAC will only make a 4 or 12 second appearance.

But moving along, photos of what the team will be wearing has also been leaked.

Gotham's team uniform

Gotham’s team uniform



Thanks for Batman On News for those photos.

I can’t wait to see how this turns out on the film. As of now I’m pumped for this film!

Alright friends, comment below, are you ready for this film, what do you think this scene will be used for?


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