Government Shutdown

If anything, the Government shutdown taught us this. The US is in really bad shape, we’re raising the debt ceiling to pay the bills that we couldn’t afford to pay in the first place. Republicans said they did this to stop ” OBAMACARE ” when in reality they wanted to tax medical devices, and get lower income families to pay for private insurance, so they wouldn’t be able to milk the Government.  In the end, they were just left with egg on their face, and just handed the next election race to the Democrats.


You might sheer victory for President Obama, but he’s the reason we’re in bad shape as well. I voted for the man, but frankly I lost all hope with him. He’s poured billions into war efforts that keep bleeding the US Government dry, he’s made ” WAR ” into the most profitable thing that it has ever been. Granted G.W Bush was the biggest monster of blood + War = Money. But Obama hasn’t done anything to stop that, nor has he flame down the fires to reinsure us that he was a man of his word.


We have Democrats and Republicans fighting it out, fighting for a vote, when the real issue goes unresolved. The US is nearing the end of it’s rope. We need to fix this broken state before it goes belly up. One has to wonder if the people we elect even care what happens, one would have to say no for the time being, cause if they did, we would all be hearing of new ways and plans to get things right. And end this stupid  Democrat vs Republican, and come together as a nation to find the solution.


In my own view, I think we’re living on borrowed time. We will fall, we will see things get worst. Today’s political view isn’t about doing what’s right for the country, no matter how much they put on a side show on tv and say ” A Historic Deal Was Made” It’s all just for show, to make us think everything is as it should be. When in reality, the US wasn’t where it should be years ago, we just lost sight of it, and handed our freedom to corporations and politicians so lost in their diva life style that they couldn’t careless of the common people and their struggles. It’s easy to say ” We understand the pains.” when you haven’t seen the reality of it nor lived it once in your life.



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