What cause the mass black out of all Self-published books on KOBO’s site? Well, an editor of the British website Kernel was outrage  when they downloaded a book that dealt with Incest and Teens, something this person felt when too far. This site went as far to attack all SELF-PUBLISHED books, saying that Amazon, ITUNES, KOBO and BN don’t put the books through an intense process, that any Joe or Sally can publish filth that can harm the young minds.

So what did Amazon do? They took the book down and just went about their day. What did KOBO the site that claims to be a loving home for Self-publish authors do? They ripped down every SELF-PUBLISH BOOK, but hey Fifty Shades Of Gray is still for sell? But I guess BIG PUBLISH filth is ok?

Now let me clear one thing up, the mass censorship is happening only in the UK, seeing how here in the US we’re protected by the 1st Amendment. Thus, there’s no need to rip the titles down. But it’s sad to see a site like KOBO crack after one small article, when they knew this problem, isn’t a melt down problem. But with their knee jerk reaction they’re about to make the INDIE world a lot less safe. Cause you see, KOBO didn’t take a stand for Indie authors, no they caved to censorship. They caved so bad, that not only have they endangered are right to speak, they have endangered our right to publish.

I am willing to bet to you have all the big publishers laughing their ass off about this, cause they know they’ll be using this against INDIE for years to come and even go as far to make Amazon, BN, Lulu, ITUNES and Smashwords to tighten their guidelines on publishing, let correct myself, guidelines for SELF-PUBLISHING. And what is the big publishers case for such action? “ Think of the children, will someone please think of the children.” Give me a break, if you cared that much about right and wrongs, you would joined a book burning club and toss their own works into the fire. Nobody is reading them anyway.

Since I was teen I always stood up for Indie Authors. I saw the lies that Big Publishers will throw at us. And now they’re doing it again. INDIE isn’t making it’s money from selling “ PORN “ that’s far from the truth, this is another lie just to taint Self-publishing.

And how do you classified what’s offensive. I’ve written my share out intense scenes, my story the Fairy Godmother upset some women that they demanded I apologize for my portrayal of a mother willing to poison children each Halloween to get her kicks once a year, will that get me banned down the road? Now they might not, but what happens when sites like KOBO cave under the pressure, and KOBO caved under such a small straw, how long till they start tossing our books aside, but letting big publishers do as they please. How far will they go, will they blacklist us?

If anything, Indie has taken a bat to the wallets of the big publishers and this article, which I see only as a witch hunt, is just a nice ploy to stop indie authors. This is the big publishers way of stopping the cancer before it spreads.

I’ve seen a lot of authors say “ Shame Kobo, but I’ll publish with you.” That’s just wrong. The site knows what it did. And if Indie Authors really want to make an impact against censorship, then start by taking your work out of their site, make Kobo realize that not all authors should suffer cause of one title some schmuck read.

If you’re an indie author I urge you stand strong. Don’t let this fight win you, speak up, and take a stand. Censorship is not our friend, this something we need to beat together.


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