Oliver Stone Hates The Superhero Genre

Oliver Stone took a bat to the superhero genre in his recent rant on forbes, it’s like asking grandpa what life was before the internet, he’s going to say a lot and a lot of might not make sense. Stone says he see’s the genre as a cancer to the young minds of this generation. He stated that the fantasy violence in them we’re not real, and should be tossed aside because of it. No disrespect to Mr.Stone, but are you fucking kidding me?

Maybe he’s seen one too many Marvel films, cause comparing comic films, you truly see Marvel being more family friendly, where DC has gone with the dark and gritty of death, look no further than the Batman franchise. I understand that maybe Mr. Stone is fed up with one too many superhero films, but lets face it, superheroes have been in our life since childhood, they have been in mine. Not once did I feel like my creativity was dumb down, in fact I’m glad I was born in the era of the superhero, they taught us how to explore our minds and dig deeper into what we can believe. Maybe Oliver Stone is the more, keep your feet to the ground type of film maker, nothing wrong with it. I’ve written two novels that do just that, before I took on my first superhero genre book.

Do I think he’s right in bashing it, well everyone can voice their thoughts, but I think he’s wrong when he thinks it’s down the fall of everything. If anything, the people Stone works with are at fault for the downfall of art. And it just might be that younger film goers are aiming for Superhero genre than an Oliver Stone film, That might have him hopping mad.

The thing I would tell Mr.Stone is this, young people grow up, and soon they see the world for what it is and want something that speaks to that. I know I did. This is how I found Takashi Miike, found Qentin Tarantino, Cohen Brothers. Christopher Nolan. So keep your chin up, they’ll come back to you.


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