What’s Coming to Electron Blue TV?

I’ve been really these past months. I started my own youtube channel, gearing up for my 2014 release of my psycho thriller THE PERFECT WOMAN and recent release of my 2nd book of poetry.

I haven’t uploaded any new content for ElectronBlue Tv in November. Mainly cause I wanted to get the programming down. I didn’t want to upload a bunch of videos and not know what the hell am I trying to give the viewer.

When December comes around, I’ll release the 2nd INDIE 3 with a new show called the MASH UP. The only two videos being sent that month. It’s a build to the regular programming we’ll have on the channel.

Here’s what’s coming to the regular programming  on EBTV

1st – INDIE 3   ( Music Podcast show )

2nd MASH UP  (  A comedy show of fake trailers, movies, ads, music videos )

3rd JESSENOVELS PODCAST ( Talking about anything that comes to mind )

I’m hoping to do other shows with a few friends of mine. That’s not the only thing I’m doing. I’m gearing up to release two small documentaries set to release by summer and my full length film INTO DARKNESS which should release  4Q of 2014.

Hope you guys subscribe ahead of time and check it out 🙂




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