Waking Up To The World

Here we go

I don’t know what’s going to happen

But I can tell you this

Life is fucking crazy

We got the young dying

We got the young lost and confused

But I see Ad’s selling this life

What happened to the day when life used to be pure

When we were kids

We didn’t see the bad

We didn’t see the horrible lies

We always thought life was so safe

But when you get older

You see how much closer to death you are

When you know that innocent life we held close

Was just a lie

Parents dying to save us

People lurking around them

Trying to sink their teeth

Trying to do fucked up things

But it gets worst when you’re older

Cause you can’t hide

Cause you can’t turn

Cause you got to play in this game

Fucking Christ

Is this what Jesus died for

He must have been fake

Cause everything he did was for nothing

Mankind is lost

Mankind is burning in hell

Mankind looks like a lost cause

Fuck this

Don’t tell me to look on the bright side

When you’re standing around dead bodies

What’s the point

What’s the fucking point

Can’t you see

Can’t you smell the pile of shit we’re all fighting for

Can’t you see we’re blind

I don’t know

But no one is going to save me

Guess I’m a fuck up anyway



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