“ I wasn‘t like this you know,” Twenty years to the date and Klecko could still remember every word that was said. “ I was a catholic boy, always said his prayers, always did as the good lord demanded. But then you just get tired of it, you want to know how the devil’s fruit tastes like, no matter how wrong it might seem. My first time was amazing.”

“ Bryan Thompson, Dorchester, age 4, skull cracked in with a rock, seamen found in his mouth, that turned out to be a sort of calling card for you, didn‘t it?” His voice was young then, still green, learning the ropes but ahead of the curb when it came to finding people like Alan Smith, a repeated child molester/serial killer.

“ You know everything about me, don’t you, I’m flattered. I really am.” His god awful laugh forever stuck in the cracks of time. “So, tell me son, what’s your name?”

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