Authors And The Internet

I will say this without even thinking twice, authors and people in the writing world are much slower to adapt to change. They fear it, they will run from it, they will try to burn it to the ground. I was raised right about the time the tech age was just getting it’s feet, and I remember authors fearing of posting anything online, if you posted online it was just a hobby, you weren’t an author or artist, just a guy postings things that will never sell or become a hit. The internet was such a dirty word, it was  not to be spoken of. If publishers weren’t talking about it, neither should anyone who wanted to be an author.

When authors did take the courage to create a blog, they did it with so much paranoia. I remember some authors would set up locks on their site, you couldn’t read anything without asking for a password to it and you had to give them a reason as to why you wanted to read their novels. I never understood that, If you were that scared shitless of the internet why even take the time to make a blog and just setup so many restrictions.

I remember just being against the old ways, cause I saw the internet as a new door, and I have the great Leo Laporte to thank for that. When I used to watch him on The ScreenSavers and Call For Help, I saw a man so behind the net, a man showing us that this tool people were overlooking was going to play a huge part in our lives. They saw the internet as I did, a way to reach out to the world, talk to people, plant an idea and watch it grow. I never though of the internet as a sad lonely place as  many people have always painted it. If you have passion, if you have a cause, if you have something to say, you can reach so many people putting it out there.

And I remember being the advocate of Self-Published authors, cause the internet was new, we didn’t know where it would go, but I was damn sure we would use it and figure it out. I would speak, but I it did fall on deaf ears, but I continued to power on through out the years.

Then I remember the very first self publishing site,, it gave us a chance to sell our work. This was our glimmer of hope, of course you had Publishers laughing at it and calling it, ” A CANCER TO THE ART” and this was covered on NBC, I was so pissed when I heard that fat blob of a waste of skin just sit there and give the F U to me and all of us trying so hard to stand out. But this was the common thing you would hear. This spokesmen from whatever Publisher, was trying to degrade self-publishing altogether. If it wasn’t being released by the Big Publishers, then it was a joke, that’s what they all would say.

But I think the worst thing that came with the blow was that authors themselves were so ashamed to be looked down on, that they ridicule, and smeared mud on self-publishing, and I know a lot of them have now changed, cause of the market, but I wish them worst and I never want to shake their hands as long as I live.

Twitter was a huge stomping ground for authors to come out and talk, and talk we did. Amazon the small company that became a giant was the hammer to the head of the giant publishers, they became the worst nightmare, it wasn’t about how many book tours you did, what matter was the story, if it keeps you hooked, if you can find your own small fan base, you’re set for life. And with creation of the Kindle is what set everything in place.

Books were ruled by big PUBLISHERS, but now they are being taken down by the ebook format. This new format gave wings to every author, they could sell and set the price to their liking. It was a strange new world, you didn’t have to listen to publishers, you didn’t have to wait half your life to get a book published, you could do it now. The moment that happen, you had a huge culture revolution. One that’s still going on, especially with internet freedom always attacked by all sides.

If you really sit down and look in how we got here, you’ll see it’s long and whining road. It wasn’t easy, it still up in the air. But if you’re an author who goes it alone, I say take pride in what you do, and never back down. Don’t let what you love slip back into the abyss.

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