Jesse Angry: Twitter You Assholes

Stupid Twitter

Stupid Twitter

Hey, guess what. We lost 1.4 Billion and we blew chunks in the 4Q , you know what we did, we BOUGHT TWO 19 Century log cabins!  No, No, NO! Are you freaking kidding me Twitter? Are you a sixteen year old rich snob? You don’t buy stuff when you’re bleeding money.  But I think twitter lives in a different world, the RED is green and the green is red.

If I have stock in twitter, I’m freaking out. Let’s face it, what can twitter sell, nothing right now and that’s the problem, it’s was tool that remind a puzzled to the outside world, they should of figured a plan before they went public. All of this kinda feels like the internet bubble of so many years back, when it pops, you’ll be reselling those Cabins back, fuck, I really hope they saved their receipts.

( Link to the story below )

In my eyes, I think twitter is a great blog speaker, we can talk, we can speak, we can get meet cool people, we can share work, it’s not a Facebook and I fear twitter is trying to be too much like Facebook. It will never be that, it’s a small blogging site, meant to be open, how can they expand from that and try to make it sell-able? I have no clue.  But you don’t Log Cabins.

Twitter has surely changed so much since it started back in the days. But now it’s a shareholder in the Las Vegas of the world, the stock market. So let’s bow our heads and say a final prayer.

Tell me what you think below!


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