The Book Of Delusional Mind

I’ve been wandering for this past year, thinking of what will be my 4th Novel. Yes, if you know me, I have three novels all written and done. My first one, The Perfect Woman out October 3.  But I wanted a new project to focus on and I thought about some great ones, but this out of the blue story that came to me in a dream, came riding in and took my attention. The Book Of Delusional Mind. I don’t want to spoil anything, cause that would suck balls. And I do plan to give you guys a teaser read down the road, right now the book is going into the 1st draft stage. The only person who has seen this book is my lovely gf ” Maria “  Who also created the cover to Maladjusted 🙂

This new book doesn’t deal with Serial killers, which I can rock like nobodies business. No this book keeps my darkness but comes in a form of drama/comedy, and the humor is rude needless to say. I think when it comes to stepping out of the genre it doesn’t bother me anymore, I think of my writing like film projects, you’re going to direct something different, but you’re going to keep your tone and that’s what I have done. And I’m in love with this book.

I can’t really say when this book will come out, cause I’m just working on it right now. It’s been a long time I sat down and just talk to you guys one and one. I did miss it. So now you know what I’m doing with my free time. Don’t be a strange and keep coming by.
One love



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