Amazon And Twitter

I’ve been a huge supporter of Amazon. They’ve let authors sell their books world wide and really add support to the underground artist, one can only wonder where else this massive giant would step into next. Well, wait no more, now they’re teaming up with Twitter to let you shop as you tweet.

I posted an article not long ago ( link ) where talked about twitter was losing it’s edge and money, I even stated that Twitter needed to pull its self out of the massive debt hole it was falling into, if they wanted to stay above the water. This deal with Amazon is what the site needed to flame out the fire that was engulfing the bird.

When users see a product link, they can reply to it/add it to their cart with the hashtag #AmazonCart. The product won’t be purchased off the bat, instead saved and ready to go once the user has gone back to their Amazon account to finish the transaction.

Twitter starting to get into the field of studying user habits, and this partnership with Amazon will only help them out in the long run. Amazon didn’t need the help, but adding Twitter on your side can’t hurt. I’m still waiting for the day when Amazon builds their own social network, thus becoming the giant no one can stop.

Will I be shopping via twitter? I don’t know, I might give it a try this Christmas just for kicks.

What do you guys think about this, are you pumped, or do you think this is a whole waste of time. Please comment below.

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