Terminator 5: yeah we fucked up

I honestly think Terminator 5 or Terminator: Genesis will be a pile of dog shit. For one, Arnold is back. And he’s playing an aging robot…fuck me 😦 But that’s not all, they’re going to forget the whole tone of Terminator: Salvation and just go back to it’s old roots…yeah, Terminator in the 80’s was good, cause it was part of that action genre of the 80’s with a mix of sci-fi. They tired that method again, and we got Terminator 3. That sucked soooo bad.

Terminator: Salvation to me, will always be Terminator 3, cause that would make an epic trilogy. So Terminator 3 never HAPPENED, There is no “ talk to the hand.” catch phrase.

Another gripe, they’re adding the actor who played Bruce Willis son in Die Hard 5 “ Jai Courtney” Don’t know who he is? Don’t feel sad, no else does. Which bugs the hell out of me, this John Conner, to me Christian Bale wasn’t just Batman, he was the GOD DAMN JOHN CONNER! Now they went from a great actor to, this guy who came out in that one action film, that sucked so bad, people bitched about the chemistry he and Willis had. 😦 another sad face.

I was really hoping they would have continued with Terminator Salvation 2 , but that’s dead, so dead. The only name that gives me hope, cause I’m a lifelong fan of the franchise, DOCTOR WHO , the 11 th Doctor Matt Smith will be joining the cast. I hope to God, Matt Smith is the lead, cause of Jai Courtney is asked to act and be the lead, or if Arnold is lead, this film will be painful to watch.

What do you guys think, what’s your take on this film, comment below


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