The Perfect Woman teaser read

Midnight Caller

He was lost in a beautiful world, a world of his own. A slaughter house that reeked of blood and fear. Hanging on hooks laid collages of his faces, all from yesteryear, all sharing an expression of shock, horror, sadness, regret. The skin that he wore now was his, yet, he know there was something different about it, he could feel a permanent smile imprinted, one that had not been there long ago.

He was dressed as a butcher, wearing the white apron that would no doubt earn it’s pay. Droplets of blood danced in the air like a mist of rain, he could hear the footsteps of his human cattle, all walking shoulder to shoulder confused in where they were going, their naked bodies pressed against one another as they moved closer to their deaths. The sound of his butcher knives grinding together, scared the poor cattle that inched closer to him. He could taste their succulent flesh, he could hear their dying screams calling out to him from a non distant future.

“ That’s it, boy, just enjoy the moment.” He could hear Alan Smith cheering him on

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