Guest Post by Author Jesse Abundis: Fall From Grace: A Social Media Discussion

Here’s my guest blog post for fellow Author website Jasmine Denton. 🙂

Author Jasmine Denton

Hello everybody! Today I’m really excited to have a guest post by a good friend and fellow author, Jesse Abundis. He’s a creative mind that likes to push the envelope, and today he’s brought us an excellent post on social media.
When the internet and social media came, artist alike were on the right track of what they wanted to do with it. We saw it as a means to connect, truly connect. Share ideas with people we would have never met, if this tool had never come to us. We were talking, we were standing up, we were fighting back against an industry run by snobs in a way. People still don’t realize how much of a revolutionary stage we were at the time, and that started for artist, we had no idea how big it would be for the whole world. Information was being spread, we didn’t want…

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