This Picture We Paint

There comes a time
When we sit down
Look at our lives
And sigh
Feeling lost
Feeling lonesome
No one understands
Takes too much out of you
Out of I
To walk with our heads held up high
We had a picture
One that played in our head
Now we sit
Wondering if we will ever see it come to life
Or is it meant to stay there
In that space of time
Which we can not touch
One we can not visit in real life
Only in our minds
Because we must
Because it is human nature
Because we hunger for more
Because it’s the only reason we have to be human
Worry now
Worry later
Don’t worry at all
Each one comes with a worry in the end
But all roads come to their end
The life we pictured
May not be the one we painted
But it will feel like home in the end


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