Herbalife is what the snake oil doctor was in the old west, a lot smooth talking but empty results. Herbalife is by far, one of the most rich and shady companies around. Though they promote good health and a better life, but they do it in a way which is lies piled on lies, side effects of Herbalife kidney damage, diabetes, Herbalife drinks are good shot of sugar with nothing to give your body.

Herbalife gets its income off one source, the consumer, who becomes a distributor, think long and hard for a minute. That’s like Macy’s, Sears, fuck even MCD making their consumer a distributor after they bought their product to resell to other people. But of course, Herbalife changed that when they came under fire, there’s no distributors anymore, just members, who are still selling their product.

Herbalife claims, they make product, their consumer just buys it…what, huh, say what, if that’s true, then why is Herbalife hounding for sells from their “distributors” oh wait, my bad, “members.” Why doesn’t Herablife real professionals sell their stuff, why is it, that anyone can join, without a background check? I’ll tell you, it’s because this is the new generation of the door to door sales men, selling his new iron that play the radio and make a grilled cheese.

Herbalife is making money off the people too lazy to take care of their health, that’s the truth, let’s not play the “we care card.” if the CEO know Herbalife was a grand new idea to beat the best, he would have never allowed the average joe join. This is the truth of the Scam.

You don’t need Herbalife, you can walk, eat right, spend your money on something better, than just a false promise of a better life through a mlikeshake.

Herbalife “distributors or members” are not living the high life, they’re living on edge to make sales to suckers willing to buy or playing the guilt trip on friends.

That’s my two cents


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