The Perfect Woman: You Are The One


It felt as though water had been poured into her head, she could hear it sloshing back and forth. Lisa slowly began to open her eyes, but found it to be difficult as blood trickled down into her eye sockets. She tried to move, only to discover that she was tied down to what seem to be an operating table. Her first thought was that she and Gerard had been into a car accident and now she was laying on an operating table. “ Gerard !”

The moment She shouted his name, it all suddenly began to come back “What are you doing?” the image of him swinging the bat and knocking her out cold, how it stabbed like a jagged knife into her skull.

“ No.” She whimpered. “He wouldn’t do anything to harm me.” She refused to believe so, not after the moment they shared at the museum, the months they spend together, they had slept in the same bed, made love together, cooked for each other, they both wanted a life together, they wanted to grow old together. Every ounce of her body rejected the images flooding in her mind.

“ You’re so beautiful.” Gerard’s voice echoed through the apartment in a demonic tone. Lisa tried to fight from the restraints but he quickly advised her otherwise. “ I wouldn’t try moving, I had to strap you down nice and tight. Besides you’ll only do more harm to yourself if you got up. I‘d say you’re hemorrhaging really bad right now, all that blood is going to start over flowing in your head, forming words is going to be tricky. I’m amazed you’re awake, I wasn’t expecting that.” He brushed back her brown bloody hair. “ Then again you’re not like other people, you‘re special.”

Lisa began to shiver from fright. Gerard voice was getting harder to hear, he sounded muffle at times. “ Why ?” the word fought to come out of her mouth.

“ Because you and I are meant to be together, forever. You knew that the first time we met.”

“ You lied to me.” Poor Lisa whimpered out in pain, closing her eyes tightly refusing to look at the man she once pictured marriage with, someone she wanted to have children with, someone she could call friend and lover.

“ Don’t say that.“ He held her hand tightly. “ You know the love we have for each other is greater than anything in this world , we were two lost souls waiting for that other half to come along. I saw what others couldn‘t.” He caressed his hand at the center of her chest. “ You have a very special heart.”

“ Don’t kill me.” She pleaded.

“ I’m not going to kill you,” He leaned in and kissed her on the lips, trying to calm her rattle nerves. “ I love you too much to do a thing like that.” He pulled himself away from her lust and began to strip away her clothing.

“ Stop… just stop.“ Lisa stuttered in tears, as he pulled everything off her piece by piece.
Once she was strip of her clothing and lying naked on the operating table, Gerard couldn’t resist running his hands over her exposed body, and pressing his warm face against her cold skin. “ You smell so sweet.” He kissed her inner thigh, before walking out of sight into the corner, returning back shortly with a medical tray, surgeon tools, an ice box, gloves and a mask.

“ Gerard…” Lisa could feel herself drifting to sleep, she was trying her best to talk him out of this, but he just smiled at her as she spoke.

He walked over to her and strapped her head down to the table as well. “ What.. Why, what is..” She tried to ask why he was strapping her head down, but forming the words were beginning to become a difficult task as he had told her.

“ I don’t want you flopping around.” He chuckled at her, as though she should know the answer to that already.

He put on the surgeons mask and gloves. He retrieved a cloth from the pocket of his suit and shoved it down Lisa’s mouth, to keep her from biting down her tongue and to keep her screams silent, this was their night after all, he wouldn’t allow any outsiders to interfere.

He walked to the corner of the room once more, retrieving a bottle of alcohol from a duffel bag, there laying beside it was the bloody baseball bat he used to crack her skull with. He poured the alcohol around her chest to disinfect the area he planned to do his incision. He reached over for the scalpel, only to pause to stare at a mumbling Lisa who cried out for mercy. “ Don’t worry, this will be over before you know it.” He said with a gentle smile.

Lisa began to hyperventilate as the knife inched closer to her chest, she stared at the ceiling, hoping she would wake up from this nightmare. But the moment the sharp knife pierced into her upper chest it was clear there would be no waking up from this.

She felt the knife pulling down on to her chest, making it‘s way to her stomach and continued to rip her apart until it reached the edge of her belly button. Lisa screamed and clawed the surgeons table with all her force, her nails cracked as she dug into the steel.

The blood surged out of her, spewing onto the table, the air began to fill with a metallic scent that filled her nostrils. Lisa witnessed with her own eyes as Gerard used his bare hands to pull open the skin, she could hear her own flesh be torn apart. Her stomach and intestines began to bubble up to the surface, as Gerard pry opened her body, it was like watching someone trying to pry open a pit bulls mouth.

It was at this moment as Lisa began to feel herself float away, she could see flashes of her mother walking the dog, smiling at her, waving to her to come home, reassuring her that everything would be alright. How she found solace in that smile.

In her final seconds of life, she witnessed the man she loved pushing aside her stomach and intestines to the floor, fighting to place the cold clamps on each side to keep her chest cavity open. She could only giggle, as Gerard looked at her with the same love he did the first time they met, as he saw her faint beating heart. “ That’s the most beautiful thing I‘ve seen,” His eyes tearing with joy. “ We were meant for each other.”

“ I knew he loved me.”


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