The Perfect Woman: Chapter 11

Chapter 11


27 Years Ago…

“ Question is simple, why’d you want to be a cop?” It was Brian Klekco’s first drive around his hometown as a Boston P.D officer. The moment they left the station his eyes were focused on the unknown, looking into the dark streets, alley ways, house windows on the drive by, seeing if anything caught his attention, while his partner, an old vet of thirty-six years, Eddie Flask flapped his gums. “ Is it because you want the uniform to empress some of the local girls, is it because you want to hold a gun, or do you just want to crack a niggers head in?”

Klecko turned to face the gray bearded man with a glance of confusion. “ I just want to do some good.”

“ Good, you sure you know what that means, son?” The old man chuckled.

“ It’s doing what’s right, putting the bad guys away for a long time and keeping the innocent protected.”

Flask chuckled once more. “ Still green.”

“ You have a problem with how I see things?” Klecko asked angrily.

“ Easy, cupcake.” Flask shook his head. “ It’s not your fault, your mind is still stuck in gear one, is all I’m saying.”

“ Gear one?” Klecko rolled his eyes at Flask.

“ Gear one,” Flask reiterated. “ that’s how we all start, but with time you began to move up, soon, Good and bad all start to look the same.”

“ Maybe you should get your head check.” Klecko muttered.

“ So why’d you join the force?” Flask asked once more.

“ To do some good.” Klecko said to him.

“ I think that’s a lie.” Flask chuckled. “ So, I’ll ask you again, why’d you join the force?”

* * * * *

Ever since coming to New York, sleep alluded Brian Klecko. Within the months it got worst, there were nights when he never slept at all, he’d spent his time just staring blankly at the wall waiting for night to turn into day, it was though this city was eating him alive. “ You never call this late,” or maybe it was life just catching up to him, seeing what he’d seen, been through the things he had been through, one had to wonder if that affected you. “ what’s bothering you?” His insomnia led him online searching for some random person to speak to, but he needed to find someone he could trust, he thought he’d never find that, especially online, until one day he saw a post on Craigslist with the title, “ Looking to make sense out of my life.“ He fought himself from answering, you never knew what could be waiting for you on the other side and apart of him knew he was better than this. “ Just talk to me, isn’t that why you called me?” But he needed someone to confine in, before this heavy weight on his chest ended him, and he found his relief through her.

“ I just wanted to hear your voice.” He always pressed his ear to the phone just to hear her talk, it was quite soothing.

“ So, you didn’t call to explore our fantasy.” He loved her laugh.

“ I’m sorry for calling you like this,” He apologized. “ it’s just been one of those days.”

“ I don’t mind breaking the rules.” He didn’t know her name, she didn’t know his. They were just two random strangers, sharing the things they could never tell a soul.

“ Do you think of me?” He asked like a nervous wreck.

“ I do, a lot.” He could feel her smile through the phone. “ Do you think of me?”

“ I do, oh, how I do.” He exhaled.

“ What’s going on, you sound upset?” Her voiced radiated with concern for him.

“ It’s just getting worst for me to find peace.” He shook his head, almost questioning his own mental state as he poured his bleeding heart out to this woman. “ There’s times where I wonder if I’m really there at all.”

“ Tell me everything.” He was a second away from it, but a late night call from Jeremy Harkness stopped it in it’s tracks. He told her he would call her back, didn’t give a reason why, but he told her to wait for his call later.

* * * * *

Sorry for calling you up, Lieutenant , but I thought you’d want to see this. Follow me,” Klecko was greeted by his partner Sgt. Jeremy Harkness, a born New Yorker who had the old rough and tough teachings of an old school beat cop. He’d be the only one in the precinct to admit he wasn‘t a fan of Klecko, in fact he was downright piss to know the chain command passed on his promotion just to make room for the Boston icon, if Harkness wasn’t such a cop, he’d shoot Klecko in a dark alley and blame it on the gangs, just to retake what was stolen from him. But one of old school traits was ‘cops do as they are told, no room for whiny ass bitches.’

“ Whoever did this is one sick fucker.” Despite all the suppressed anger, Harkness wasn‘t one to undersell everything Klecko had accomplished, he was quiet fond of his legacy, he just wish he had carried his weight else where.

Deep inside Klecko shared the same resentment for Harkness. Mainly because Harkness was a creature of habit, everything he said and did was out of an old school text book. He couldn’t breathe or take a shit without discussing it with the manual, “ Page 36, when cops can take a dump?”

Klecko wasn’t blind to all the angry colleagues, an outsider coming into their neck of the woods taking control, calling the shots, it didn’t sit well. A lot of them were hoping to see Harkness rise in the ranks, one of the home town boys. But when it came down to it, the higher up’s knew who was the better choice, Klecko could think and see things that weren’t there, do the outside thinking a lot of the other detectives couldn‘t, it was the reason they put him in charge, even if they refused to accept it.

“ Out of the way mother fuckers!” Harkness shouted at the onlookers blocking their path. They moved aside the moment they saw him coming down the line, with his black tie, shirt and pants. Adding to the fear was his cold look and bulky body, another of his old school traits, train tough, look tough, be tough and earn the respect of this city. Though Klecko wasn’t sure if the balding hair was helping him sell the appearance.

“ How bad is it?” Klecko wondered as he saw the reaction of the crowd trying to cover their eyes and the officers surrounding the street corner all seemed eager to be anywhere else but here.

“ Out of the way!” Harkness yelled once more, “ NYPD we need all of you to back up right now!” He barked like a rabid dog at them.

“ Jesus,” Klecko muttered under his breath as the crime scene came into his view. He ducked under the yellow tape and made his way towards the young lifeless naked body of the victim, from what he could tell, she was a female, her body was twisted and shoved into a garbage can beside an old worn out couch and bags of trash. Her eye’s were missing, swastikas were engraved into her forehead, cheeks and chin. Long needles that resemble acupuncture needles, just slightly thicker were lodge into her, as though whoever did this was playing darts with her body. “ Tell me what you got. ” He said covering his mouth from the smell.

“ What did I tell you,” Harkness patted him on the back. “ some sickos wet dream.” Harkness chuckled as he pulled out his notebook to fill Klecko in. “ A couple of hood rats found the body around seven tonight, fuckers thought it was a plastic doll or just a prank, they got a closer look and freaked out, one of them had a mild panic attack was taking to general. No one saw who dropped the body.”

“ Have we I.D her?” He asked.

“ No, we haven’t.” Harkness cleaned the sweat off his forehead. “ Fucking heat, I swear, it brings out the crazies.”

“ That and full moons.” Klecko added. “ Anything else we know about her, is she Jewish, Mexican?” He gestured at the swastikas

“ Not that we know of, but that should change in the next few hours.” Harkness scratched the top of his balding scalp. “ I should give Rita Vazquez a call, see if this isn’t one of her girls.” There he went, dropping names to Klecko, showing him when it came to his backyard he had connections, something a Boston man wouldn’t have.

Klecko ignored it and asked his question. “ Whose that?”

Harkness snickered, as though it should be common knowledge. “ Vazquez runs with Vice, uses some of the street girls to get her intel on Hector Pardo, the..”

Klecko knew who that was the moment he said Hector. “ The drug king pin, yeah, he’s on everyone’s list.” They both walked over towards the dead body where a female forensics was busy collecting evidence. As they approached, they could hear the young forensics sobbing, she was having enough of a hard time trying to collect evidence and trying to ignore the sight in front of her. Klecko leaned in and saw a gooey substance dripping from the eye socket of the victim. “ What is this?” He asked the forensics.

She shivered and almost broke into tears trying to tell him. “ That’s semen. “ As the words left her mouth, she could feel her lunch crawl it’s way up her throat. She pushed her colleagues aside, before vomiting in the middle of the street.

“ Sorry, boss, she’s new. You know how rookies are.” Harkness said, shaking his head at her. “ Someone get her ass out of here.”

“ It’s ok, we’ve all been there.” All Klecko could think was how they had become accustomed to death, that a dead body like this didn’t scare them anymore. As if it were just a natural order of life. In a year or two, that young forensics would be just like them. No matter how much blood you saw, it just didn’t bother you anymore.


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