The Perfect Woman: Chapter 12

Chapter 12


A week without an Instant message, a week without an e-mail directing to a dirty website, a week without a text, a week without a phone call only meant one thing, Peewee was angry. This wasn’t the first time he had given Karen the cold shoulder, he had done this in three other separate occasions. Once because she mocked him for getting a flattop that made him look like the skinny and whiter Vanilla Ice. The second time was when she took a snap shot of him wearing Lion King underwear and posting it on a site dedicated for people with a fetish towards self taken undie pics, the photo alone received over twenty-five thousands hits and plenty of responses from some very lonely men in the middle east and Mississippi that begged to see the whole front package. The third time was when she broke his Batman action figure that he slept with in the night, while they were rough housing. The result was the same, she needed to be the one to heal the wounds and make the peace, she couldn‘t stand not hearing from him, even when she had nothing to say.

When Jamie left, he would leave a voicemail talking about his day. “ I swear, this guy was like huge, I thought that chicken nugget would be his last.” It was all to let her know he was still thinking of her and hoping to bring her out of the dark storm. Even though he led her out on false pretense that night, she was willing to forgive and forget, she was hoping they could restart from the start again.

Karen knew trying to find Peewee at his apartment was like trying to find your soul mate online, slim. His apartment had no air conditioner and was roach ville. He spent his nights sleeping in his car, but in the day he worked in the crummy video rental store “ M&M ’s Vids” No, it wasn’t run by the same company that made chocolate candy, this was a small video store run by two pot head brothers named James and Derrick Venture. Why name the video store M&M’s, It was abbreviated for the their masterful skill, masturbation. Which meant M&M stood for, “ Masturbation Masters.” The two fools would always laugh at the inside joke. They were the prime example of what monstrosities smoking crack while pregnant had on a child.

The video store was profitless, the only people who went to rent videos from the store were Jamie, Peewee , herself and Ralph the homeless old man who always browsed around the aisles looking for a DVD cover to jack off to. The three had made a little game out of it, each one placing bets as to what film he would land on, the winner collected the cash, while the losers had to chase the old homeless man before he got off, they all got a chuckle from that. The only way the video store manage to remain afloat was because of the brothers mother & father’s bank accounts. Rich yuppies, who were glad to pay for their failing son’s as long as they managed to keep themselves out of prison, a feat that wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for Peewee.

The two brothers had been busted over a pot possession and were hauled into the precinct to be processed, a few years back, Peewee had been lurking in the halls one night when he ran into the two, he managed to speak to the brothers for a good thirty minutes, after they filled him in, they begged Peewee to get them out of their jam, in return they would owe him back one favor, no questions ask. Of course he wasn’t a fan of officers busting his fellow stoners, so he went to work.
A quick thinking Peewee had them convince the officers to call their doctor, Dr. Greenburg Thumbson, a.k.a Peewee. Hack off the last first four letters of the Greenburg, and you got Green, take out the last three of Thumbson and you got Cypher Hills song Doctor Green Thumb. Peewee had the habit of buying burner phones, he owned around six to seven in total, he tend to keep every personality in those numbers, Greenburg Thumbson was one of many.

The officers ringed Doctor Thumbson who had a thick Irish accent, he calmly explained to the officers about the brother’s condition and was ready to e-mail a transcript of their medical file. The officers we’re already freeing the brother’s as Peewee read off all the medical terms he could find on Wikipedia. If you were going to lie, you had to lie well.

The two brothers worshiped Peewee after that day and they saw the talent he brought to the table, so they offered him a job to run the store, with a twelve dollars an hour pay rate, with his option of closing or opening the store at anytime he damn please, Peewee wasn’t a fool, he accepted the deal and the rest is history. The two brothers stilled owed him that one favor that he hadn‘t cashed in yet, then again that was Peewee, too kind hearted to take advantage of things, if he helped you, it was out of the kindness of his heart.

Karen bit on her lip piercing as she stood outside the shamble of a video store. Apologizing was exhausting to her, she always wondered why people couldn’t forgive, forget and just carry on with life, was there a need to do in over the top dramatic spectacle?

She cleared her throat before pulling open the old rusty door. The shelves of the video store contained miss placed DVD’s, porno was in the kids section, and the kid’s dvd’s were with the porn section. Everything was alphabetized by an illiterate, it was utter mayhem. In the corner of the store you had Ralph who calmly scanned each aisle, he was making his way to Westerns, Karen knew from experiencing that Westerns was a sure way to lose a bet.

At the counter was a passed out Peewee, his head rested on a stack of DVD’s of anime porn. Karen chuckled, knowing something’s never changed, which was a bit refreshing to know.

She slowly crept up on him and slammed her fist on the counter. “ I SWEAR I WASN’T JERKING OFF MOM!” He jumped from fear as the past memories of his mother scolding him came back into the light, he knocked the dvd’s to the floor from the fright. “ Karen?!” Peewee said, trying to collect himself.

“ Bondage girls II.” Karen picked up the DVD from the floor, “ I haven’t seen the first one, any good?”

“ Well, I ..” Then it came back to him, he was still not talking to her. “ What do you want?” He put on his tough guy act, it would’ve work for anyone else.

“ You still mad at me?” Karen returned the DVD.

“ What do you think ?” He said bitterly.

“ Dude, we can still hang out, I just don’t want to do the detective thing anymore.” Karen pleaded with him.

“ You want us to go shopping, watch movies, talk about the norm crap. We’re not like that!” Peewee had just notice Ralph the bum, as he lurked around the Westerns. “ That would be a first.” He muttered to himself.

“ I’m sorry, Peewee, I can’t go back doing what we did before.” She said shaking her head, it was hard for her to admit that. She couldn’t deny the rush she got from the cases, but without Jamie, it wasn’t the same.

“ Why does Jamie leaving end everything?” He asked her.

Karen sighed, “ It’s like losing a family member, it’s never the same after someone leaves.”

Peewee pulled out a police report from under the counter, it contained snap shots of a dead body that the cops had found last night. “ Cops found this girl dumped in the trash bin, body was covered in swastika signs.” He laid them for Karen to see.

Karen pushed the photos away, she wanted no part in this. “ Please don’t do this, I’m begging you to be with me, but not like this.” She said to him.

“ Look at the photos.” He waved them at her. “ Cops really believe this is a hate crime, they think this is some neo-nazi skinhead work of art, I’m not buying it for a second, call it a shot in the dark but this just jumped at me.” He tried his hardest to get her to look, to make her see what he saw, but the harder he pushed, the more he could feel her slip away.

I can’t take it anymore, I just can’t” She could see that golden hair girl screaming at her, making her heart ache with each word, she took a deep breath to get her bearing before gathering her thoughts. “ I’m going, we have nothing to talk about.” Karen took one final look at him knowing this would be the last time they met face to face, she couldn’t be with him if this was the only thing keeping them together. She turned her back and made her way out.

“ If someone else dies that’s on you and me !” Karen just cringed as he screamed, but she solider on and existed the store.

Peewee chased after her, he couldn’t let her leave, he needed her, he needed his friend. “ God damn it, Karen, what if this is real, what if a serial killer is loose on the streets. He’s never going to stop. If I’m right and these girls are linked, we have a major fucking problem on our hands.” She froze in her footsteps a good block away from the store, neither her nor Peewee recognize how far they had gone. “ I’m sorry for lying to you, but, for Christ sake, are we going to let Jamie stop us from saving someone’s life?”

She turned around, never making eye contact with Peewee, her stare shot into the sky, letting every single word sink in, letting every emotion run it‘s course.“ What if you‘re wrong and this leads nowhere?” She finally said to him.

He blew a sigh of relief. “ Then you can walk away, we‘ll never talk about another murder case again, as long as we live, I promise you.”

There was a good minute pause before anything was said.“ You say this is about saving someone‘s life, then I‘ll help you,” Peewee was ready to smile, only to have a curveball thrown his way “ For two weeks only, if this case doesn‘t go anywhere by then, I’m cleaning my hands of everything, got it?” She pointed her finger at him.

It was a bad deal, but having her back was better than nothing. “ Absolutely.” He was ready to celebrate this moment, only to have another problem pop to mind. “ Shit, I left Ralph alone in the store.”

Karen took her leave.“ I‘ll see you back at my place.”

“ Where are you going?” He shouted at her as she sped down the street.

“ I’m allergic to old man semen.” She shouted back at him.

Peewee chuckled at the comment, only to have a burden of cleaning the mess dawn upon him. “ God damn it, Ralph.”


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