The Perfect Woman: Chapter 13

Chapter 13


Janet wrestled with coming to the Midnight Heat night club with her girlfriends, her break up to Ernesto was still fresh, but as her best friend Lupe explained to her, “ girl you need to forget about that bum, he ain’t no good for you, he just some greasy burger flipper working for minimum wage, you need a man that’s going to buy you nice things and treat you like a princess. You know what you need is a sugar daddy, trust me honey, people like that can afford your habit.” How she would find this so called sugar daddy at the Midnight Heat was up to debate, every time she came there were nothing but drunk fat Italians still living with their mothers, all desperate and willing to pitch their best woo to her, “ Baby, it ain’t the length of the sausage that matters, it’s the thickness, you know what I’m saying, boom.” How they enjoyed pointing down to their crotch, hoping one day she would feel the urge to check out the package and fall in love with such a little thing, a small token of kindness. But, this wasn’t the only trait these lucky men had to offer, each one seemed to offer the forest that was popping out of their chest, a forest in dire need of having itself waxed or at least trimming.

Her girlfriends where unreliable when it came to deflecting such annoyances , as always, one drink and the next guy that came braking up their tree, they spread their legs wide open, letting the mistake settle after the next day, and leaving poor Janet alone with a migraine headache from the walking talking bushes, not to mention an awful cab ride back home with a driver that always felt the need to get stuck in traffic. All of these reason should have been good enough to keep her away, but the more she sat alone with her thoughts, the more she thought about Ernesto, so she did what Lupe said and joined them for a night of clubbing, hoping faith would reward her with a kind night, something she could look back on fondly. It did.

Faith wanted her to meet the young man that would accidentally bump into her, spilling his drink on the floor. She would apologize and call herself an “idiot.” he would smile and tell her to, “think nothing of it.” their eyes would meet and they would be lost in each others gaze. This is what faith wanted and so they allowed themselves to be in each others arms, letting their emotions dictate the night.

Their bodies grinded together with the sound of the blaring hip-hop music, holding each other tightly, his long dark brown hair seemed to dance with the music. Janet’s light dark skin rubbed against his white milky flesh, which only fed the lust for each other. Her mind danced around with so many erotica images, that she began to feel the wetness between her legs pass her panties, how she wanted to feel his naked body pressed against hers, she wanted to know how he felt when he thrusted into her, was he a gentle lover or did he lose all control in the bedroom, would he make her submit to his every will?

His hands brushed away her black hair that was obstructing the view of her beautiful emerald eyes. They both smiled, each one waiting for the other to say something since bumping into one another, but it was Janet’s mystery prince that beat her to the punch. “ You’re beautiful.” He caressed her cheek

“ Thank you.” She blushed like a school girl.

“ Are those your real eyes?” He said peering into her gaze.

“ Of course.” She giggled.

“ Wonderful.” He said with a gleam in his eye.


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