The Perfect Woman: Chapter 14

Chapter 14

Hungry Like A Wolf

I understand you’re upset because of my rate going up, but I guarantee your money is not ill invested.” For the past six months this lonely traveler had been all over the U.S, jumping from city to city, searching high and low for one soul that seemed to allude anyone that came after it. “ I’m doing my best as it is, just ran into a snag.” Joey King was the name of the man searching for this illusive soul whose tracks would run cold every time he was nearing the end of the road. He would spent nights wide awake thinking of where this person could have gone, how one person manage to stay hidden for so long. “ I’m getting closer, make no doubt about it,” He slammed his fist on the A/C in his beaten down Chevy truck, a little something he picked up from a friend in Jersey, he knew he’d have to upgrade soon enough, if you were to roam the streets of New York, you might as well do it in style. For now he just wanted some relief from this monstrous heatwave that was consuming this city. “ Yes, I understand your frustration.” He pulled the phone away from his ear as his client vented and screamed at him.

Tonight’s out and about wasn’t apart of his assignment, but he was damn sure making his client pay for it, tonight was about finding himself a little company on those lonely days. He cruised the streets of Harlem, passing by every street hooker he could find. He wasn’t one to fuck hooker after hooker each night, he enjoyed having one for each city, it gave him this false sense of entitlement of being in a somewhat committed relationship, he’d take them out to eat, catch a movie and even ask them to stay with him through out the night till the next morning just to talk. Some of the girls he paid for were freaked out by such demands, the rule on the streets was to never make any type of relationship with a client, others didn’t mind, they would tell him whatever he wanted to hear and believe as long as he was paying. That wasn’t an issue for King, his clients were picking up the tab after all. “ You know as well as I know, that I’m the best man fit for this job,” He paused for a moment as a purple headed girl caught his attention, she looked so pure with those baby doll eyes and a face you would could only slap on a girl exploring her sexuality for the first time. “ Sorry, I thought I was getting another call,” He cleared his throat and flashed his headlights at the girl. “ It’s your choice, you can walk away from it all and hire someone else who’ll have to start from the beginning or pay me what I’m asking for and let me end it here and now.” He slowly rolled down his window as he waited for his client to answer, in the end it always went according to plan. “ I knew you would see things my way. Call me back when you‘ve wired me the cash.” He hung up the phone and tossed it to the back seat as he drove near the girl. “ Looks cold, want a ride?” He said with a grin.

The purple haired girl looked too clean to be a hooker as he drove closer, not a bag under her eye, no bruises, no missing teeth, weight was average and no needle marks on her exposed body. If King didn’t know better, he’d finger her as an undercover cop, but an old friend of his working in the force recommend the East side of Harlem as the perfect spot to do his purchase, cops tended to stay away from this area, it was too much to deal with and busting one horny guy wasn’t going to end the prostitution ring in New York, not with Hector Pardo around. So he had no reason to believe his dear friend had steered him wrong.

“ Nice shades.” The girl pointed to his thick rim glasses, as she leaned in through the window.

“ You looking to make some cash?” He said to her.

“ That depends.” She said. “ Do I have to do anything weird?”

“ I’m on business, going to be a while. I want someone‘s company, you know, but not looking for that person to leave right away. . .” He was looking for the right way to phrase it as not too scare her off, but this purple hair vixen knew the game.

“ You’re looking for a girlfriend?” He nodded his head. “ If that‘s your thing, who am I to judge, but the pay better be good.” He tossed the girl a few rolled up hundred bucks, she smirked as she began to count. “ You’ve done this before?” She said with a chuckle.

King didn’t answer that question. “ What’s your name?”

“ Jasmine.”


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