The Perfect Woman: Chapter 15

Chapter 15

Connecting the dots

Karen’s entire bedroom wall was covered with pictures of all the suspected victims Peewee had pin together, with the most recent identified victim in the center of the pack, “ Angela Dennings” Twenty-six years old, Italian descent, worked as a sales associate for Victoria Secret, no criminal record, no enemies at work, the most lovable girl you could find. Every old picture of her told a story of a happy go lucky girl, that couldn‘t harm a fly. “ Who did you meet, you silly girl.” Karen whispered to the photo, looking lost in all this, wondering if she was doing the right thing.

“ You‘re never really there are you, Karen?” She could hear Jamie’s voice whispering inside her skull. “ All of this is what keeps you together, what happens when this is gone, what happens to us?” She shivered as those words crept up, she pulled her attention back to the other girls, anything to silence that voice.

Peewee sat in her bed going through everything he had on Angela on his laptop. He rubbed his eyes in frustration, he wanted to make the connection to this newest murder, give his hunch some legs, get Karen on his side and stop whoever was doing this. It scared him to think he might be right, that they could be dealing with a serial killer, what actions would they take once they knew his identity, call the cops or try to apprehend this person by themselves. He knew he was getting ahead of himself, first they needed to make the connection. “ Everywhere I look, there doesn’t seem any reason for her death, her Facebook is filled with lovey-dovey quotes with the hashtag write to inspire, she was like Mother Teresa. So, yes it rules out death by someone with a grudge, but our charming man feeds off women like this.”

Karen scanned the photos carefully. “ Anything about her falling in love?” Peewee gave the thumbs down. “ Then it’s a safe bet this isn’t connected anyway at all.”

Peewee jumped quickly to defend . “ No, I know for a fact it is.”

Karen shook her head. “ You have three girls connected to Lisa Donner, not a single one turned up dead.”

“ Maybe someone saw him, didn‘t give him enough time to dispose of the body, could be why he dropped it in the middle of Harlem.” Peewee said.

“ Not enough time?” Karen chuckled. “ He had enough time to gouge her eyes out and put enough of his man juice into each socket.” Peewee hung his head down in defeat. “ If we’re still pinning this person as your, “ Karen did air quotations. “ serial killer, then he did this for a reason.”

“ That’s so stupid,” Peewee shot back in anger. “ what reason would that be, his DNA is all over the girl…” That was enough to let it dawn on him.

“ You see what I’m saying,” Karen took a spot near Peewee to lay down and stare at the ceiling. “ your man, has crafted everything on being careful.” Karen chewed on her lip as she replayed the evidence in her mind. “ What’s not to say he lost his cool, did something holy outside the moment.”

Peewee did a double take as Karen spoke. “ Angela did something to set him off, and he takes out his anger on her?”

Karen didn’t respond, something inside her mind had clicked. “ What are the name of the girls missing you suspect to be tied with your charming man?” She snapped her fingers at him to answer quickly.

Peewee pulled up the file on screen. “ Bridget Ramirez, Debbie Smith, Jessica Bishop, Winnie Lee, Liz Clinton, Holly Dixon, Cindy Hall, Jen Stipe , Dolly Paxton, Lulu Ortiz, Sarah Fairfield and Wendy Cooper.” He was trying to catch his breath after such a fast read.

Karen moved over to the other three photos Peewee claimed to have the same M.O as Lisa, his Seventy to seventy-nine percent victims tie to the same man. “ Lucy Daniels, Barbra Vargas and Linda Rogers.” She tapped her finger on each photo.

“ Three girls who went missing in the span of weeks from each other, they came before Lisa. It was a warning of things to come, I guess.” Peewee said in a sadden voice.

Karen cleared her throat and asked a question to bring him back to the present. “ You know everything about Lisa, right?” He nodded his head. “ Tell me about her.”

“ She was friendly, kind, everyone liked her.” Peewee said.

“ Don’t focus on the positives,” She told him. “ tell me about the negatives in her life, things she would never tell anyone.”

Peewee fumbled through his mind to think back what Maggie had told him. “ She was really distant when it came to looking for love.”

“ Why?” Karen asked.

“ She was bitter with her past boyfriends, had some abusive and downright assholes for lovers .”

“ There!” She shouted, rising out from the bed, sending Peewee into shock as she did. “He has a type, people he relates to, people he’s able to embed himself in, it has nothing to do with finding Ms. Right, it’s all about finding the broken.” She refused to let up, her mind was working faster then it had before. “ You run the names of all them, try to find something that has to do with abuse or a broken family and you’ll have your connection or at least something to work with.”

“ Damn,” Peewee wasn’t sure what to say. “ I might have to give Carl a buzz about this, see if he can help me dig something up on his free time.”

Karen was taken back, this was her first time hearing that name. “ Who the hell is Carl?” She asked.

“ He’s the office clerk in NYPD homicide. He fills me in on anything interesting going down and also browses through the data base to find me some info.” He checked his watch. “ We should head down to Rusty Chicken Shack before he goes to get his grease fix.”

Karen couldn’t help but be proud of Peewee, he managed to do something they never could in their lives. “ How did you manage to get a mole inside?” She asked.

“ I have my ways.” Peewee pulled a pair of sunglasses and placed them on smoothly, adding to his master of secrets persona.

Sadly Karen knew his secret already, it didn‘t take a genius, if this person was willing to be a buddy to Peewee, it only meant one thing. “ You’re supplying free porn to this guy?”

“ My dear, we all have needs, even fat obese desk jockeys.”

“ So, he hasn’t discovered internet porn yet?”

Peewee slowly pulled off the sun glasses. “ He did, but his mom caught him whacking off in the living room.”

“ Eww.” Karen could see the image already.
“ He swears his mom lost ten years of her life, can’t blame her, when you see a huge black guy just ripping granny apart, and see your own son just pounding his own meat, that’s got to do some psychological problems. Anyway, he‘s back to old fashion DVD, this way he gets to whack off in his bedroom. That‘s the only place his mother won‘t look.”

“ Oh my God, how do you meet these people.” She couldn’t help but chuckle.

“ I don’t know, but when I had to erase the stuff on that PC, my lord.”

“ That bad?” She asked only to learn perhaps asking wasn’t the best choice.

“ You never look at a horse the same, after seeing what it’s capable of doing to a small Asian woman‘s …”

“ Stop, that’s enough.” The last thing she wanted was nightmares. “ So, did you bring your porno tapes to bribe this guy?” Karen reached out for her leather jacket and keys.

“I got something better than that this time.” Peewee said.


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