The Perfect Woman: Chapter 16

Chapter 16


They were scared, they never want to do anything like that again.” He listened carefully, fighting the urge so deeply to hang-up as his lovers called out to him. “ What do you want me to do?”

“ Nothing. They’ll remain, they’re not hard to predict.” He simply said to her.

“ Can we talk about him?” Her voiced cried out in pain.

“ Another time.”

“ I understand.” He could tell that he upset her, but there was no time for them, he had pressing issues to deal with.

“ I need to be alone for now. I shall contact you later.” He hung up his phone, opened the window to let the hot muggy air out from his apartment. He could hear their voices calling out through night, each one thanking and praising him for making them apart of something so divine and beautiful. They whispered into his ear how they wanted to please him sexually, as a reward for his good deed. They kept asking to find their next sister, the one who would join in the orgy of love.

He could feel the bulge poking under his shorts, he knew he had to find the others before any pleasure could be released. He sniff the air smelling his lost love scent from miles away. She was calling out to him, now he needed to find her. “ We’ll be together, I promise.”


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