The Perfect Woman: Chapter 17

Chapter 17


I wasn‘t like this you know,” Twenty years to the date and Klecko could still remember every word that was said. “ I was a catholic boy, always said his prayers, always did as the good lord demanded. But then you just get tired of it, you want to know how the devil’s fruit tastes like, no matter how wrong it might seem. My first time was amazing.”

“ Bryan Thompson, Dorchester, age four, skull cracked in with a rock, semen found in his mouth, that turned out to be a sort sick and perverse calling card for you, didn‘t it?” His voice was young then, still green, learning the ropes but ahead of the curb when it came to finding people like Alan Smith, a repeated child molester/serial killer.

“ You know everything about me, don’t you, I’m flattered. I really am.” His god awful laugh forever stuck in the cracks of time. “So, tell me son, what’s your name?”

* * * *

Child porn blasted on the television screen in a run down basement, the voice behind the camera order the young girls to take off their clothes, to lay in bed together naked and they did so without fighting back. Every officer in the house paid no attention to it; they were all too preoccupied with the matters at hand. Klecko was the only one staring aimlessly at the screen, his mind drifting to another time and place, the moment that made his career and opened his eyes to the dangers lurking around this world.

“Poor kid. “ Officers hovered over the six year old girl’s dead body, that was lying on the floor with her neck slit from ear to ear. Leaving the flap of her neck looking like gills. She had been chained up in the basement for the past two weeks, sexually abused and tortured until her captor felt it fit to end her life. The person who did this was a sixty-five year old man name Timothy Cartwright. The outstanding citizen in the block, who never raised his voice or caused problems. Perfect in every way, until neighbors heard strange noises coming out from his home in the middle of the morning. They immediately called the police, when the officers responded; they found his front door open, walking in to find him sitting on his old worn out reclining chair fast asleep, with blood all over his shirt. When he heard the squeaking of the officer’s footsteps on the wooden floor, all he could say was “I’m sorry, I couldn’t help myself, I just couldn’t.”

His entire basement was littered with child pornography, his own homemade video tapes of his crime, all label with titles he bestowed upon them. “ Debbie Does Me, Young Slut, Bad Lola and Her First Backdoor Experience #1.” just hours of him making the victim perform sexual acts on him finding obscene ways for the young girl to humiliate herself. His idea of paradise and heaven for his deranged mind. “She wanted me to do this to her, she would always be playing in the park with her legs spread apart, I knew what she wanted, she loved me.” Cartwright believed those words to be true more than anyone else did, he felt he did no wrong.

He claim to never harm a child in his life, until now, he felt the hunger and need to carry out his lust before his time on earth ended. “ I couldn’t live without knowing how it felt, you understand me don’t you?” His eyes darted around the officers hoping to find someone that could relate to him. Klecko could only stare at the old man as he ranted and pleaded before they hauled him off, for a second he could have sworn he heard Alan’s laughter as they drove him away.

In every case Klecko had been apart, most of the murders felt no regret. They stood there and justified their actions; they never seem to notice the problem with the carnage and death they caused. It puzzled him, what was there thought process through it all. They must know right from wrong, he knew it as a child. Were they born that way, or did society shape them into the monster they became, if so, then who among society would be the next mental case he would have to chase down? “I felt so alive, I feel closer to you, father!”

“Detective?” A young female officer tugged on his black trench coat. Snapping Klecko out of his daze. It took a moment to gather his surroundings, he was standing in front of the T.V; with the video tape still rolling. He looked around the room wondering where those last words had come from, he turned to his side to see a young officer standing right beside him waiting for him to answer. He brushed back his black slick hair and just tried to shake the images of the children out of his mind.

“Turn this crap off and tell someone to take all his shit into evidence.” Klecko barked in a daze.

“Yes, sir.” The female officer said. “I just wanted to inform you that Harkness needs to speak to you.”

“About what?” He made his way up towards the stairs.

“It’s the Angela Denning’s case, sir, they found the man responsible.” Klecko stop dead in his tracks, turned to face the officer, almost colliding into one another. “He’s outside waiting to drive you over to the scene.”


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