The Perfect Woman: Chapter 18

Chapter 18

New Lead

Karen and Peewee leaned on the old mustang as they stood outside Rusty’s Chicken Shack, the most notorious fast food joint that was clogging America’s arteries with it’s chemically injected product and welcoming a new era of obese children to the world since 1985. Only place where you could buy three piece of greasy chicken for three dollars, who was going to argue.

“We should buy a bucket for the road, the price is right.” Peewee begged Karen. “They’ll even throw a large bucket of fries if we super size!”

“None of that sounds right,” Karen shivered as an obese family hobbled out of the restaurant. “They’re not going to make it through the night.” She muttered softly.

“This chicken is yummy, mommy, I want more.” The little pudgy girl said, as she scarf down the deep-fried chicken thigh in one hand and pile of fries in the other.

Karen diverted her sight the other way, only to see another victim of the fast food chain slave; he was an overweight officer wobbling his way down the street to the restaurant. He had sweat drenching down his back and almost seemed on the verge of dropping dead on the pavement from the mere grueling exercise of carrying his own weight. “He’s dying in a few seconds.” Karen laughed

“That’s Carl!” Peewee waved his hand at the officer whose face was bright red, from the extensive workout of walking a block from the precinct to Rusty’s chicken shack. “Dude, you are looking thin.” He complemented the chubby officer.

“Hey, Peewee.” He heaved for air. “Yeah, man, I’m only eating two meals a day, it’s working miracles on my physique. I’m in the best shape of my life.” Karen almost let a snort of laughter, only to hide her face behind Peewee’s back. “She ok?” The officer asked.

“Yeah, she just ashamed, we went to her OBYGN, turns out she has crabs.” Peewee fib, would earn a silent but deadly punch to his kidneys, almost causing him to slightly black out. “Oh, sweet Jesus.” He cried out as the pain radiated down from his back.

“What’s the matter?” Carl was lost in the sudden outburst. “Are you ok?”
“I’m fine,” Peewee held back tears. “Just wanted to say the sweet lord’s name.” Peewee slowly leaned his head back and whisper to Karen. “Truce.” Another punch like that and he would crap his pants for sure.

“Right on.” The officer threw out a peace sign. “Like Jesus always said, one love.” The officer was mistaking Jesus for Bob Marley, but Peewee was not one to rain down on his parade. “Hey, you want to have lunch with me?”

Peewee was a nanosecond from saying yes, but one glare from Karen and that was enough to kill his appetite. “I wish I could, but,” He leaned in and whispered. “I’m here for something else.”

The chubby desk jockey looked from side to side, to make sure the coast was clear. There was no need for it, as everyone was inside stuffing his or her face with greasy chicken. “You know the fee, pal.” He said with a mischief grin.

Peewee broke the bad news to him. “Buddy, I don’t have any porno tapes.”

“Peewee, “Carl pouted. “ That was our arrangement, I lived up to my ends, why can‘t you?”

Peewee gestured to him to keep it down. “ Will you relax; you didn’t think I was going to leave you high and dry, did you?” He put his hand around Karen. “Bud, forget porn, today you get to see the real deal. My STD riddle friend here is going to show you her tits.”

“Really!?” Carl gasped with excitement he could not believe it. “What’s the catch?” He asked.

“ You run a few names for me, pull up some history background and give us access to the Angela Denning case and we‘re even.” Peewee pointed at Karen’s breast. “Trust me, they’re worth it.”

“You sly little bastard, this is why you needed me.” Karen whispered into his ear, as Carl gnawed over the offer made.

“Come on, now, this is one of your many talents. Just throw me a bone.” They kept their smiles as Carl fumbled around with his decision.

“Deal!” Carl shouted, this was a once in a lifetime chance for him, when would an opportunity like this present itself, especially to him? “Thank you, Jesus, one love!” He pointed to the sky.

Karen opened her leather jacket and pulled up her Smith’s t-shirt, exposing her ample breast. “Take a good look; get all the mental pictures you can.” She instructed him.

“Can I touch them?” He stuttered.

“You’re a virgin aren’t you?” Karen asked, but he could not answer, his only response was the goofy look on his face. “That’s an emphatic yes.”

“Me can, please?” He squealed, without even correctly finishing his words.

“One quick touch and that’s it.” Karen sighed. The things she would do for information, a part of her was laughing in the inside; this was the crazy crap she was used to getting into.

Carl took a deep breath, his entire hand shook as he extended it out, his fingers were inches away from Karen‘s breast, for once, he would no longer have to grope himself in the dark and touch his own bosom; he could finally sleep peacefully at night, knowing he touched boob for the first time in his life. “Oh crap!” He jumped back instantly.

“Hello!” Peewee saw the stain coming from Carl’s pants.

“I got excited.” He reached down quickly to cover the stain.

“Well, show’s over.” Karen pulled down her shirt and zipped her jacket up. “Now you live up to your deal.”

He blushed at Karen. “Of course, I won’t let you down. Just tell me what you need.”

Peewee pulled out a piece of paper from his pocket. “ These are the names I need you to look up, don‘t bother with the girls that don‘t have a history of violence reported with the cops, are you getting this?” He could tell he was talking to himself, as Carl kept smiling at Karen like a complete fool, he was glad he decided to write the names out for him. “ I wrote everything I need down on this paper, don’t lose it.” He put it inside Carl’s brass pocket.

“Don’t worry I won‘t.” Carl reassured him.

“What have you heard about the Denning’s case?” Karen asked him.

“Oh, that’s over.” He said to them.

“What the hell do you mean it’s over?” Peewee stared in dismay.

“Yeah, they caught the guy a few hours ago.” Carl chuckled. “Well, not caught, discovered, but they found his body, so is that the same as caught?”

“Woo,” Both Karen and Peewee stepped in. “Are you saying he’s dead?” They both said in sync.

“You guys look like twins?” Carl stared at them. “Dude, she’s not your sister is she, because that would be pretty fucked up.”

Peewee snapped his fingers at Carl to keep focus. “Start from the beginning, what happened?”

“They got a match on the DNA, gross.” Carl scrunched his face, but he could see they were more interested in the now. “Anyway, they matched it with a guy name Leonard Hudson, some racist asshole from Alabama, he’s wanted in two others states for rape and murder, he was living in Harlem,” Carl laughed. “Go figure right, I mean everything in Harlem are just blacks and…” He stopped himself from saying more. “Like I was saying, they tracked him down but when they busted inside, the asshole was dead. O.D on heroine, they found Angela‘s wallet at his place.”

Peewee just crouched to the floor, pulling on his hair as tightly as he could, all those hours looking for a connection, only to be wrong, it felt like running into a brick wall. “Fuck.” He muttered.

“It’s ok.” Karen knelt beside him. “We’ll look somewhere else.”

Peewee turned to smile at her. “You said we.”

“Shut up.” She hid her grin, pulling him back to his feet. “Well, just run the names for us, in the mean time see what you turn up.” Carl nodded his head and made his way into the restaurant.

“I’m sorry, Maggie.” Peewee muttered to himself, Karen was able to catch it, but said nothing. She still had not poked around the relationship between he and Lisa Donner’s mother, and wouldn’t. He would have to tell her when he was ready or when he felt he could trust her again.

A few seconds later a woman with short brown hair came walking up to them carrying a stack of fliers, her eyes were bloodshot red as though she had been crying all day. “Excuse me,” She said in a whimper. “I’m trying to look for a friend of mine, her name is Janet.” She handed them a flyer from the stack. “She’s a really nice girl.” She was trying to hold it together.

“When did she go missing?” Karen asked the woman.

“Three days ago, she hasn’t called or anything. We’ve gone to the cops, but they haven’t been any help.” The woman began to tear up. “It’s our fault, we left her alone at the club, if we stayed with her none of this would have happened.”

“What club?” Karen pulled a pen from her pocket, to write the name down.

“Midnight Heat. “ The young woman said. “Please, if you see her, please call us, her family is worried sick.” She brushed away the tears and walked towards to an approaching couple.

Peewee caught a glance of that old fiery look in Karen’s eyes. “What are you thinking, Karen?”

She placed the flyer inside her jacket. “Excuse me, “Karen ran after the girl handing the flyers. “ Can we have a little chat? ”

“Guess we’re back in business.” Peewee said with a youthful voice, running behind Karen to keep up.


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