The Perfect Woman: Chapter 19

Chapter 19

The Hunt

He passed one after another, looking frantically for his lover, her mere scent was different from the others, her very presences would overwhelm him the moment they crossed paths, leaving him in a state of awe. Even though he could not see her yet, his instincts knew she was close, something had called him out to Central Park in this blistering heat, as it had with the others, he could feel it in his bones. There was a higher calling pushing him down this road.

He passed two busty young women in tang tops, to any other person this would have caught their eye, but not to him. To him, they were just mere eye candy for the fools of society that wanted the corporate created women of the times. That was not love, that was a mirage of a sad diluted society too occupied with the price of gas and internet porn to notice the crumbling decay of its mental state. “Sluts.” He muttered at them, they couldn’t hear him over their excessive yammering about their new tan, newly dyed beach blonde hair, and the latest celebrity gossip. Both women seem to be carrying two different conversations as they talked to one another. He could feel a headache coming on.

He spent three hours walking in circles through the park, but she was nowhere to be found. He let out a depressing sigh, knowing he would have to call off the search for today. He had other matters that needed to be attended to before the day was over.

“Society is falling into a point of no return.” His ears perked. “We’re all too occupied with meaningless gadgets and toys, to even care about it all.” Her voice was sharp, a sliver tongue so to speak. He shivered with pleasure at every word flowing out of her mouth. He slowly turned around to see a young African American woman talking to a male companion of hers, they walked side by side together, He shook himself from the daze and slowly began to follow them. His heart thundered with each step, her scent becoming stronger as he approached.

“Now, Caroline you‘re being over dramatic. Look around you, can‘t you see how far we‘ve come, if anything, society is at the golden age of a new era.” Her male companion said. They dressed casually as not to stand out, but their speech was impeccable and educated. College students no doubt, out for a walk and a friendly philosophical debate.

“I don’t quite believe that to be – – -” Caroline could feel someone was staring at her, but as she turned around to look, she only found people enjoying a walk in the heat wave of hell. She laughed away the sudden alert as her mind playing tricks. “ True.”

Her lover could see her beautiful face in the distance, looking so intensely for him in the sea of people, how he wished he could smile at her, let her see him face to face, but he knew that would be wrong, it wasn’t the time, so he remained hidden.

Caroline eyes remained on the crowd for a few seconds until her male companion tapped her shoulder, asking if everything was well. She laughed, muttering something to him and they continued, walking briskly on with their day carrying on their debate.

He wonder if Caroline’s companion was her boyfriend, the man seem to be well built, attractive enough to win anyone. But the more he followed, the easier it was to erase such notion from his mind, as they walked he made no attempt to hold her hand or show any hint of romantic involvement, he could see the look of boredom on his lovers face as they continued, but her companion didn’t seem to care, his mind was more eager on winning the war of words and coming out the victor. Surely, lovers would be doing something more physical in this heat than arguing.

He smiled at her from afar, enjoying the look in her eyes as she wondered where her soul mate was. He knew she could feel his presence, as he felt hers. He took a deep breath as he continued on, feeling so anxious, knowing she was so close but there was nothing he could do. “We’ll be together, very soon. I promise, my love.” He whispered to her, hoping she could hear his voice.


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