The Perfect Woman: Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Hopeless Romantic

She looked outside her apartment window hoping to see Gerard’s blue Honda Civic pulling down the street, it was already eight, and no sign of him. She cradle her cell in her hand as she whistled out of nerves. As long as they’ve been dating he’d never been late, he was a very punctual person.

Gerard had gotten off from work at six, he never enjoyed working the graveyard shifts at the docks, even if they did pay the overtime. There were nights he would come home to her and just rant about how unfair they treated him and how they would always keep passing him up for promotions. She always felt the urge to tell him to quit, she knew how smart he was, and how gifted of a painter he was as well. It drove her mad to see his gift be wasted on such a place. But she knew it was better to let him realize this on his own, pushing someone never worked in life, and no matter what path he chose she would stick by him till the end.

She wonder if she should text him or not, the last thing she wanted to do was sound pushy or seem upset, but apart of her argued how could she not, she was dressed like a princess for this special night. She wore her red dress, the same one she had bought the first time they went dancing, she remember how he called her a goddess as they nestled together and slow danced to Michael Bolton. To top it off she wore her mothers favorite earrings, the same ones her mother wore as Lisa’s father purposed to her. Her mother had passed them on to Lisa to wear when she felt the moment was going to come, for good luck.“ There’s always something in the air, you can just feel it.” Her mother would always recount that story with so much passion when she was growing up.

Now that she stared so intensely outside, she could feel the tears crawling their way up. She had invested herself too emotionally for this night, she felt like she had no one but herself to blame. She let the thoughts of marriage over take her, when perhaps there was none at all. “ Nice going, dummy.” She kept glaring outside the window, she knew this wasn’t like him to just forget or even call if he was going to be late. She could only hope nothing had happened to him.

Sorry GOT CAUGHT UP, But look out at your window 😉

Her cell vibrated with the message, she fumble with the phone to see who it was , she smiled and thanked God for giving her this night. She stared out the window but didn’t see his car, there was a black Ford Focus parked outside, but no sign of Gerard. Lisa texted back, “ Where are you?”

See the Focus outside?

“ My baby has a new car !” she said out loud, loud enough that next store neighbor pounded on the walls. “ Stupid paper thin walls.” Lisa grumbled

She locked the door to her apartment and raced down the stairs to see her man’s new car. She whistled at the brand new vehicle like a construction worker would whistled at a woman walking down his path. Gerard came out with his hair freshly cut, a nice black suit and tie. Lisa stepped back to soak in the image of him, he never looked more handsomer in his life, she could feel her knees go weak at the sight.

He wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her in, giving her a kiss and slowly caressing her face to see those cheeks turn red. “ You’re so easy to make blush.” He teased her as they pulled away slowly.

“ Shut up.” She covered her face into his chest trying to deny the truth. Once the blushing faded away, she slowly met his gaze. “ I could look at those eyes all day.” She said to him. There was excitement in them, Lisa could tell , they always seem to shine when he had something cleverly planned.

“ This is not the surprise.” He pointed at the car. “ I swear on my door mat.” He reassured.

It wouldn’t bother her if it was, just being with him seemed like the world got a little better and things weren’t all gloom and doom. She smiled and ran her hand through his black hair. “ I can’t tell you how much you mean to me.” she passionately let those words slip out of her mouth, they weren’t rehearsed, they weren‘t meant to please him, they were just the truth and he could see that.

He swallowed his emotions, he was never good at telling people how he felt, but Gerard knew Lisa was different. He took her hands into his and said “ You mean the world to me, you have such a beautiful heart, I’m a lucky man, that you came into my life, you have no idea how many nights I spent looking for someone like you.” Gerard eyes began to tear up.

Lisa knew he was the one, there would never be anyone else like him, he was her soul mate, her missing piece to fill the hole in her heart. She kissed him, holding him tightly, never wanting to let him go.

They both laughed as they slowly pulled away. “ So, where are we going ?” Lisa asked, wiping away the lipstick she smeared on him.

“ Madam, if you get in the car, I will give you a night that you shall not forget.”

“ Then drive me away my good man. “ She said with a breathless voice.


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