The Perfect Woman: Chapter 20

Chapter 20

The Stranger in Apartment 206

Waking up at seven wasn’t Karen’s ideal morning, she was never much of an early riser to start with, and being woken up to her crazy sex addict neighbor from upstairs moving furniture just pissed her off the wrong way, at least she hoped Vanessa was moving furniture.

Karen rolled over to her side to get some sleep, only to find a drooling Peewee sucking on his thumb and holding tightly to his Batman “Action figure“ with the duck tape leg. She begged to buy him a new toy after breaking his bedtime buddy, but he would have none of it, no other could take its place. “Hello, Bruce, has Peewee tried to molest you yet?” She asked the doll tugging on its damage leg. Suddenly the sound of blaring music came raining down from her ceiling, almost causing her to snap off the leg of the Dark Knight once more.

The noise alone was enough to awaken a passed out Peewee, whose first image was seeing Karen without her black eye shadow and dark lipstick. He cringed and held on to his doll tighter. “ Jesus, you really do look different without the whole bad girl look.”

Karen rolled over on her back staring at the ceiling that vibrated with some sort of Asian rock music, she wanted to ignore it and continue to get some sleep, but obtaining such goal was far out of her reach, knowing that only fueled her rage. “ That nympho is going to get it,” She jumped out of bed, opened her drawer to find her pair of jeans. “ I’m going to rip her a new asshole!”

“ Where are you going?” Peewee asked rubbing the crust from his eyes.

“ I need my sleep and that bitch isn’t going to let me have it today.” She tossed half her clothing onto the floor until she found the pair she was looking for, but putting them on still half asleep was making it a challenge and with the music growing louder with each second, made the task more complex. “ She’s dead!”

After slipping on her pants, she raced out of the apartment walking into the hallway, where she was welcomed by the other tenants, they waved and said hello to her, which she replied with a bitter. “ Bite me.”

She passed the broken elevators which had been promised to be fix over five years ago. According to the landlord, “It was still a work in progress.” Which was code for “They’ll be fixed when hell freezes over.” Not far behind her was a half awaken Peewee still holding on to his doll. Some of the tenants laughed and pointed at him, but he wasn’t quite sure why? “Morning.” He waved at them. “Odd people.”

Karen made her way into the stairwell, going up one floor. The moment she graced the next level she was surprised to see how well taken care of, it was, the carpet was new, the painting smelled fresh.“ We pay less, so we get less?” Karen muttered to herself as She made her way to apartment 206, the home of the Nympho herself. “ Vanessa open the hell up!” Karen yelled over the loud music and slammed her fist against the door. She could hear Vanessa running to answer, but as the door opened, she was shocked to notice the person standing in front of her wasn’t the nympho, but a white tall man with glasses, he looked to neat to be around from their neck of the woods. “ Who the hell are you?”

“ I live here, who the hell are you?” The stranger said to Karen. He eyed her from head to toe, holding the door open halfway, wondering who this crazed woman was. It took him a few seconds of observation to know exactly what she was. “ Look, I know times are tough, but there’s a lot of other jobs you can do, God forbid, I don‘t like to judge but you can do better.”

“Come again?” Karen asked.

“I know it’s not your fault, you probably had a bad life, always looking for a daddy figure.”

“What are you talking about?” Karen tossed her hands up in the air.

“Look, the manager warned me of your type, he told me people like you might show up, but I didn’t think you would actually come knocking at my door.” He rolled his eyes as Karen kept her confused look. “ I know you’re a hooker, but I don’t want any sexual favors from you.”

“ What !?” Karen was offended, she felt the urge to punch this new tenant in the throat for thinking she could be on the streets trying to sell her body. “Where do you get off calling me–” She was about to unleash the shit storm on him until Peewee came walking behind her, rubbing his eyes, with his Batman doll still in his arms.

“ Can we get something to eat, I’m hungry. ” Peewee asked

The tenant shook his head, he couldn’t believe what Karen was doing. “ You need to set an example for your mentally retarded son, think how he feels about his mother being..” He leaned and whispered to Karen. “ A hooker.”

Peewee let out a laugh like no other, a laugh which seemed to prove that man’s point of him being mentally retarded. Karen was red faced from anger and embarrassment. “I’m not a hooker, and he’s not my son!” She told him. “ I live right under you, your fucking music woke me the hell up!” She stomped her foot on the ground.

“Oh crap, I’m really sorry.” He apologized. “I swear, I didn’t know. Just give me a second.” He ran back inside the apartment, to lower down the radio.

Peewee was still giggling over what had happened. “I like this guy already.”

Karen sighed at him. “Peewee, he thought you were mentally retarded.”

“Must be my haircut?” He combed back his hair.

“Is this how morning starts, really ? ” Karen muttered under her breath.

The new tenant came stumbling back. “I’m super sorry, my name is Scott, I just moved in a day ago.”

“What happened to the other person that was living here?” Peewee asked him.

“The landlord said that she eloped with the janitor of the building.” Scott pulled out a box of Vanessa’s old things. “She left this here, just a lot of vibrators and countless pictures of men’s penises.”

Karen had always thought that her story about photographing her ex lovers penis was just a rumor, didn’t seem that way anymore. “ Keep it,” She shove the box back to Scott, causing the embarrassed man to fumble with his balance. “Look, just keep the music down. I was trying to get some sleep.”

“No problem. It won’t happen again.” He promised

“Good. Come on Gilbert, let’s head back down stairs and keep you from climbing any water towers.” She pulled Peewee by his shirt collar.

But as they were leaving Scott called out to them. “Wait up.” He tossed the box inside; he nervously rubbed his hands together as he approached. “How about we have dinner tonight, my treat, it’s the least I can do to make up for this whole mess.”

Karen was about to decline, only to have Peewee interfere. “We accept, what time?”
“ Is nine cool with you guys?” Scott asked them. “I know it’s a late time for dinner, but I want to whip something special for you guys and besides,” He was stumbling with his words. “I still have some items to unpack, so, yeah, is nine alright, or not, it’s really up to you guys.”

“We’ll be there!” Peewee wasn’t one to past up a free meal, his only source of nutrition was doughnuts and Rusty Chicken Shack value meal.

“That’s great, really sorry again.” He could only clear his throat as Karen stared at him with those eyes that wanted to burst him into flames. “I should go back, I’ll see you guys then.” Scott walked back inside his apartment, opening the door again slightly, just to apologize once more. “Really sorry.”

As they made their way back down, Karen was fuming. “You had to invite us.” She snickered and smack Peewee’s shoulder. “You couldn’t just politely decline or tell him to screw off.”

“It’s a free meal, besides, it gives us some time to relax and kick back.” Peewee hid his Batman doll behind his back as they passed two female tenants. “ You ladies are looking lovely this morning.”

“ That guy really bugs the hell out of me, you know there’s a good chance I might end up stabbing him with a fork before the night is done.” She warned Peewee.

“Would you relax, he seems like a cool guy, pretty funny too.”

“Have you forgotten we have a case to do ?” She reminded him. “We can’t spend time having dinners and chit chatting. We need to get serious.”

Peewee rolled his eyes at her. “I know, we’ll just head down to the nightclub right now and talk to the owner.”

“Might as well,” She sighed. “My beauty sleep is long gone by now.”


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