The Perfect Woman: Chapter 21

Chapter 21


He walked back into his apartment, turned on the radio to drown out the noise from the outside world. He casually walked over to his bedroom; everything was completely neat, set the way he had planned. A plain room with no color or life, the objects left in his nightstand and his drawers were alarms to him, if someone ever walked inside his apartment unannounced and decide to rummage through his belongings he would know immediately. Then it would be up to him to take the appropriate actions in dealing with the culprits.

He knelt down and began to remove a floor board a few feet from his bed; he dug his hand slowly inside the hole to remove a scrapbook that was hidden inside. He brushed the dust off it and inhaled the scrapbook scent. Inside were photos of his soul mates, with pictures dating back to their childhood. He smiled at each passing page; he could feel himself be taken back in time, living each one of their memories as if they were his. A gift each of his lovers gave him, they wanted him to relive the special moments in their lives, they wanted him to be a part of their memories for eternity. “You’ll have a new sister soon.” He said out loud, he felt his soul mates presence in the room with him. “She has a way with words, I can’t wait for all of you to meet her.”

He took a pen from his pocket and began to write the name of their new sister “Carolina Carter” inside the scrapbook, saving her a spot, soon she would become a part of something wonderful beyond her comprehension. He knew she’d be frighten like the rest at first, but she would come to understand it all in the end.

In the mean time they needed his protection to keep them safe, keep the outside world of knowing what was going on, he wouldn’t let anyone harm them, as Angela had tried with her lies, but he found a way to deal with that problem. He looked at the watch on the nightstand; It was time to make the phone call he had promised.


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