The Perfect Woman: Chapter 7



I’m very sorry, I know how rude this must be, but I just couldn’t get you out of my head.” He wraps his fingers tightly on his coat, he’s too nervous to dare make eye contact with her. He knows he isn’t worthy of it. “ I just felt a spark when you passed me by, I know how stupid that sounds.”

Angela Denning held her cup of coffee, listing to this sweet handsome British gentleman describe what she felt the moment she laid eyes on him on the subway as well, she was just too afraid to admit it out in the open, she never thought such a thing could exist. They didn’t say a word the moment they passed, just a long pause, lovers lost in each others gaze. “ It’s not stupid,” He blew a sigh of relief, she reached out and held his hand. “ I felt that same way about you, I didn’t say or do anything… because it just sounds..”

“ Crazy,” He gently squeezed her hand, ending with a nervous laugh. “ I spent the whole day, trying to find you, when I saw you here at the café I wasn’t going to blow a once of a life time chance, the worst that could happen is that you‘d just turn me down and tell me to toss off.”

Angela giggled, she loved his accent and his touch was sending chills of excitement all over her body. “ My name is Angela.”

He grinned widely. “ My name is David.” Both smiling and holding their gaze into each others eyes.


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