The Perfect Woman: Chapter 9



For the past week they spent their time in bed making love to one another, each time he thrusted into her, she could feel them becoming one. It wasn’t just about cumming, it was about fusing together, seeing into one another’s soul, She felt closer to God every time he ejaculated into her. Maybe love was the key for being free of everything, maybe it was the key to internal happiness.

Angela was addicted to his scent, she couldn‘t bare being without him, each time he walked away she felt herself slowly dying. Her head rested on his chest, her black hair drenched on his body. His hands caressing down her exposed back, she pressed against him with each touch, kissing his chest to praise him. This was a moment neither wanted to end, until David’s phone began to vibrate on the nightstand, he sighed and cursed under his breath. “ What is it, baby?” She asked.

“ It’s my bloody father, no doubt.” David rubbed his forehead. “ He’s been hounding me all past week to come back home.”

“ Just stay here with me,” Angela wrapped her arms around him. “ You’ve gotten to know my room an awful lot.” She smirked.

“ Quite true, quite true.” He said with a devilish grin. “ But, my father is an overbearing tosser. He won’t stop hounding until he gets what he wants.”

Angela didn’t want David to leave her, she had found her missing part to her life, that one thing that made life worth living. Now all that was at jeopardy because of a father that wanted his son to follow in his footsteps and become a stock broker. David wasn’t meant for that, he was a born artist, she had seen his paintings in his apartment, they were like staring into God’s face and knowing the answer to life. She couldn’t allow talent like his die so needlessly. “ Your father doesn’t own you ,David, you have to choose what you want in life. I know you love him, but there comes a time when you have to put your foot down and say no.” Her Aqua blue eyes stared into his dark hazel eyes.

He smiled and leaned in to kiss her. “ Where have you been all my life?”

“ I could ask the same.” She smiled and let her hand slip under the covers, reaching down to caress his crotch. “ Look’s like someone woke up again.”

“ Can I take you somewhere special tonight?” He said trying to finish his sentence.

“ Where to?” Angela began to lower herself down into the covers.

“ Oh, dear…” He felt her mouth wrap slowly around his cock, whatever he had to say would have to wait later.


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