Why The Amazon Hate?

It seems hating Amazon has become a new trend among indie authors. I’m puzzled, mainly because those who are attacking, are the same people an agent or publisher would never give a rats ass about, the same authors who cried for Amazon to be the support they needed, the same ones so desperate for fame.

A lot of those authors who used and abuse Amazon KDP, have now become anti-amazon. Mainly because Amazon has opened their new Kindle Unlimited, which is a flat rate $9.99 a month, so you can read all the books your heart desire. Indie authors had a heart attack over this. They started screaming “ RAPE, RAPE, RAPE” Well, for their pockets. Because they feel Amazon new service will hurt them in the long run.

Amazon does pay a flat rate to Publishers, to indie authors without a publisher, the fee is somewhat between the $1.99 or $2.00 mark. True, it’s a bitch if you’re selling your book within the $4 or $5 mark, you’re not getting the full price of the book you priced with them. But Amazon has offered a counter, a top 100, those who become the most read book within that month, will earn a grant that falls from the range of $2,500 to – $100, plus the rental fees. But despite this, there are many sour faces.

I publish with Amazon only, and of course those who can only get the grant and rental fees are those who make their book a “ AMAZON ONLY” Book. I do so because I don’t very much care for Smashwords or any of those other sites. Amazon runs smoothly and I haven’t had a problem with them at all. I do put a lot of trust in the company, Amazon is not forcing me to join, I can still publish my book with them and other sites if I do so in the future. I will be aware, the day I do leave, I won’t have my share in any of the grants they provide.

SO, why are authors pissed, why the hate, why the call to arms? I’ll tell you why. They fear Amazon is going to crush and destroy other sites floating around. This new grant, has been called “ American Idol” by bloggers, and they are trying their hardest to tell people that Amazon is the evil giant.

ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME! Did people forget how life was six years ago? We had no place, we were forgotten thoughts. The same thing Amazon is giving the common folks, is what PUBLISHERS like to do. Grants are called contracts to them, Amazon Rental fee, is BIG PUBLISHERS writers fee for each book sold. But unlike the road blocks Publishers have given us, Amazon takes those away. We still get paid full price if someone isn’t apart of Kindle Unlimited, we still get a grant if Amazon rentals are in the top 100. Where among this is wrong?

The more I browse through blogs and pages, I see authors who are scared, they are scared of the giant floodgate that is opening. It’s going to bring younger authors to the floor, we’re talking sixteen year old writers, maybe even younger and this is scary, because now you have the whole world who can enter in this field and share a book. It will become harder to shine, that I do know. I truly believe in five years, the market will be double of what we have, and this means more people packing Amazon.

Am I scared of an open market, not really. I mean, let it be. I welcome the youth to come and write their hearts out and publish it. We have the power to become our own publisher. I think authors need to get off their paranoia microphone, if you don’t like Amazon, then just don’t any type of business with them at all. Don’t bitch and preach bad things, but still publish with them, that just makes you look like an arrogant fucker who can’t stand by their own principles. Excuse my harsh words, but someone has to say it.

~ Jesse Abundis


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