Goodbye 2014

Another year has pasted. What can we say, what can we do, then just watch it past us by. I released my first novel this year The Perfect Woman  which has done fucking well. 🙂 I’m a proud artist where things are at. I’m not too high in the fighting war of ” Celeb status ” I see some authors fight for. I think at the end of this year, I took a good hard look at life. When I was young, I fought hard for indie to have a voice, I fought word to word with agents who dumped on indie authors. We won our battle, we became known thanks to Amazon and the internet.

But now we’re at this stage, where authors who sat on the sideline during this period come out of the shadows waving their banners, screaming INDIE 4 LIFE. And what we have is a sea of people who knew nothing of the struggle, act as though they saw it all, preaching a new word of ” It’s me me me.” and this trend is growing to a point where Indie itself is making an ass of themselves via social media

I think this is why I backed away from twitter. I’m not going to fight with clowns, who will never change. I’m going to write, I’m going to publish, I’m going to enjoy my time , if people follow that’s cool, if not oh well, what can I do?

Going into 2015, I want to release and publish everything on my mind. So more poems and thoughts coming to this website asap.

Wherever you are , I wish you the best. Let’s get 2015 rolling.

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