Why The Hate Towards Amazon And Kindle Unlimited?

I’ve been hearing a lot of backlash towards Amazon lately. And the shots have been coming from Indie Authors believe it or not. This is one time I’m not standing on the side of the authors, but I’m standing on the side of company ( Amazon ) and here’s why.

The biggest issue that has risen is the KINDLE UNLIMITED. It’s the netflix of books, you can read all you want, for the small price of $9.99. Great deal for consumer, and a great shot for Authors to make an impact on readers as well. Of course, some authors are mad, complaining that Amazon is forcing them to the poor house, which is a huge huge huge dramatic statement. If you literally quit your stable job, to write, knowing you can face being poor if things go south, then you really have no one else but yourself to blame. As I read in one post,” my son has cancer, I gave up my job to write, and now how can I pay the bills?”

The Kindle Unlimited subscription does pay it’s authors, the pay of course fluxes from month to month depending of the number of users are enrolled. My book The Perfect Woman was rented twice and I was paid $1.23 off the going rate of $3.00. Did I get mad, did I cry, did rant on message boards that my career was over? Fuck no! I was happy someone rented it, it’s not like Amazon didn’t warn me, it’s like Amazon forced me to join the Kindle Unlimited program. If I remember, you can waive the option of joining up, yes you lose the free promo and sales specials, but you’re agreeing with Amazon that you’re not going to make your novel or short story, an Amazon exclusive.

This concept is lost with authors, because they want all the tools, all the space, they want to be on Kindle Unlimited, but they want a bigger piece of the pie. Amazon is not going to do that, Kindle Unlimited is something new, something bold, to give authors a big slice of something that could be a winner or a risk, is not going to happen. Amazon created Kindle Unlimited to bring more readers in, if the higher subscribers they have, you’ll see that $1.23 become $2.50 or $3.00.

I get authors are mad, because it hurts cash flow. But in the readership part, it’s fucking awesome. I know a lot of authors are bashing the name of Amazon, saying they’re evil, they should not be trusted, they will never trust this company ever again! Yet, they’re selling their books on the Amazon site. No longer enrolled in Kindle Unlimited, but still selling with them. If you don’t trust them, wouldn’t you pull out entirely and walk away. Try your luck with Smashwords, Itunes, B&N? But they won’t. Because believe it or not, Amazon is the lead winner in the ebook world. They know this, so they’ll cry, but they’ll still sell on Amazon. This is why the big out cry isn’t as big, because no Author is pulling their books, they’re just being hypocrites.

I love Amazon. The first moment I saw their plans, saw what they were doing for authors. I know I could trust them. I’m not blind as to what Kindle Unlimited will do, I’m all for it. Even with the birth of Kindle Unlimited, I’ve made more actual sales than rentals. So maybe right now it’s not big, will I cry when I have more rentals, not really. I’m still sticking with Amazon. The day I feel Amazon has done Indie Authors truly wrong, then I’ll speak out, but unlike other authors I won’t be preaching and selling with them. I’ll leave the site for good.


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