Eyes On Suicide Squad And David Ayer

2016 is near. That means I get to O.D on Batman V Superman and Suicide Squad!!! I love my DC heroes, always found them to be more darker and edgy. Doesn’t mean I hate Marvel, love their comics, but as film wise, I have yet seen them cross that line of going somewhere never thought possible in the place of storytelling.

Since the casting for Suicide Squad was announced, I have been amped up! Will Smith as Deadshot, how can you not love it. Jared Leto as the clown prince himself, THE JOKER, smitten. Leto is a great actor, the man doesn’t choose just any film, he picks the ones that stand out. I don’t know what he read, but if he’s sold, hot damn I’m sold! And we also get to see Harley Quinn, first time in the film franchise we’ll get to see that.

But the one thing that is roaming around my mind is the script and the man writing it. In case you don’t know who that is, it’s David Ayer. The man wrote Training Day, End Of Watch, and recent blockbuster Fury. Three great films, that truly standout in his name, but then there’s some down falls to his writing days as well. Case in point Sabotage, S.W.A.T , and Dark Blue. Granted his biggest flop is Sabotage which came out in 2014, but that gets washed away with Fury.

Ayer has the chops to write great stuff, his characters can be very Three-Dimensional, as I saw with not his greatest film Harsh Times, with Christian Bale, that character had depth, pick it up in case your having movie night. But can Ayer pace out the film right, Suicide Squad has a big cast, Will Smith ( Deadshot ), Jared Leto (Joker), Tom Hardy (Rick Flag ) , Margot Robbie ( Harley Quinn ) , Jai Courtney ( Boomerang ) , Care Delevingne ( Enchantress ) and Viola Davis ( Amanda Waller ). Each one has to have their moment, the Joker has to steal the show, this has to be one twisted ride. I don’t know what tone Ayer is aiming for, if it’s cartoonish, I really think this film is doomed. By that I mean, if Ayer state of mind is “ Well it’s a comic book movie, it doesn’t have to make sense.” Then we got problems.

But if Ayer writes a script with the feel of Fury/Training Day/End Of Watch into this world, then we’re about to have our minds blown. Because I think the biggest thing DC has on it’s side is the real life feel of it’s character. Have this film feel like it could go down in real life, then you’ve just blown the comic book world apart and send it somewhere it never has gone before. Man Of Steel felt that way, it was a comic book movie, but it didn’t feel like that, you could imagine this happening in real life. It did mess up by having some lack luster moments- I’m looking at you Goyer you have a bad habit of doing that- But thankfully Batman V Superman we got Chris Terrio 😀 (in this man I believe in )

If I could sit down with Ayer and help with the script, I would focus bringing the show to Arkham Asylum, have the Joker take over the prison, put on a show with all the freaks in there, have him hold a gang of hostages, in exchange he wants his Harley Quinn back, not to win her heart, but to take her heart out of her chest for letting him rot in Arkham. But Amanda Waller see’s an opportune moment to take out one of the most notorious criminals of history, have Boomer Rang, Enchantress, Rick Flagg and Deathshot aid her in the assault on Arkham, have it go wrong, have them fighting for their lives in the Joker madhouse of torture, have the Joker turn the squad against each other, have them at the verge of killing each other, have Harley Quinn being the voice of reason in this chaos, in the end show the lie that Joker has handed them, he’s just looking for a way to escape and finish an old score with the city of Gotham, perhaps a poison cloud that will engulf the city, while the squad has been busy with Joker, his legion of Joker followers have been planning one big strike, one final laugh.

Well that’s what I would do, not sure if that’s going to happen. But anyway let me know what you think of the film, my take on the film, below on the comment section below.


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